Should I join IVAO as well (besides VATSIM)?

Flying regularly on VATSIM now, but coverage in EU is sometimes quite limited. Should I join IVAO as well to be able to see where most controllers are online? What’s the difference? What do you think?

Definitely you should join both (and Pilotedge if you can spend some money on it). Everytime you will move to the places where coverage is at its best.

Vatsim is as good as the users are. I fly the same region all the time, coverage or not. This is why God created the CTAF. If nobody uses it because nobody is using it, well, it’s pretty much self-defeating.

On IVAO people are more perfectionist, they tolerate much less error than vatsim.
I am the proof of that, I was baneed a couple hours because I turn on the wrong taxi way at Lisbon. I prefer vatsim instead, they are a bit tolerant than IVAO

Banned due use of another taxiway???

ooooh boy can you report some details? I see your situation like from another planet but i must say that i had also some unbelievable ban moments on Vatsim heh