Should I replace my Rift S with a Quest 2?

I’m using a Rift S in VR mode with a resolution of 2.560 x 1.440 and a refresh rate of 80 Hz. It’s not too bad but far from perfection. The indications on the instrument panel remain blurry and difficult to consult.

The new Quest 2 has a resolution of 1,832 × 1,920 per eye, or 3664x1920 combined and a refresh rate of 90 Hz

Do you believe that the investment is worth it? Should I replace my Rift S with a Quest 2? Will I see a real difference?

Will MSFS be able to handle this increase in resolution or will I not see any change?

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Definitely not worth the upgrade… reverb G2 is what I upgraded to from a rift s and is much better for simming with fantastic clarity.


it is blurry also with Q2. If you want a clear view, you will have to invest a lot more money than for a Q2 (x2 or x3 at least)


This is exactly what I did and found it to be a substantial upgrade. The Quest 2 was much clearer for me than the Rift S. I recently added corrective lenses to it (so I could avoid wearing glasses) and it has been pretty awesome. All of these things have a sweet spot, but when you’re in the Quest 2 sweet spot, you should have no problems reading, for example, the G1000 NXi.


I brought a quest 2 and gave it to my girlfriend prefer the rift s for simming . I am considering the G2 is it worth the upgrade. Especially as I just got 130 for my old CV1.

Are you forgetting about the computer? If you upgrade to either a Quest 2 or Reverb G2 you’ll need a good system if you want to take advantage of the higher resolution. For example, I had a Rift S paired with a 2070 super. I upgraded to a Reverb G2 and the 2070s worked but it was borderline. Once I upgraded my GPU the clarity really shined. I’ve heard the Quest 2 is even harder to drive because of the compression required to send the signal to the headset but I have no experience with that.

FYI: I bought a 6900 xt but you probably want a 3070 or 6700 xt as a minimum.

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Get directly a HTC VIVE PRO 2.

4896 x 2448 and 120hz, you can’t see the grid anymore, and by the age you will be able to make it run at 100% you will be dead :slight_smile:

You want something “okey” you go HP G2, you want future proof things, you get the HTC VIVE PRO 2.

Clear view and will work perfecly with other steam games.

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nobody has yet mentioned the Varjo Aero? Oh that’s right most people would rather pay rent that month…

Quest 2 is a decent starter VR headset. Get people’s feet wet into the world of VR. For some people it’s enough. Others (such as myself) are content with their Oculus headsets (I currently have Rift S) for a while until I realized theres better hardware. I can read text on a screen in VR without having to lean in or squint with my Rift S, but even having a card higher than the rrecommended it takes a ton of tweaking. Most games i can’t run without having to force 45FPS to the headset. Otherwise the vertigo begins to kick in and I like to consider myself a “regular” VR user where nausea and dizziness shouldn’t happen…

I’d upgrade to a G2 or an Index (the latter being if you happen to have the physical space for it)


Yeah. I agree. I think I’ll wait a bit and invest in a top-of-the-range instead. I know that Oculus is in the process of preparing a new top-of-the-range model for 2022. We’ll see. Thank you !

Thanks for you comment. I have a Dell G5 Intel Core i7-10700F of 10th generation, 32Gb (2x16Gb) memory DDR4 2933MHz and a NVIDIA RTX 2060 with 6Gb of memory GDDR6. It works very well but I still find the image a bit blurry.

Yes ! I did the same when ordering lenses from VR Optician. It’s awesome !!

Really imho the HP Reverb G2 with Open XR and especially Open XR Developer tools is pure bliss with MSFS 2020. Probably one of the best bang for buck headsets out there.


Q2 would be an upgrade from rift s, but as others have said the g2 goes great with msfs. If u intend to mainly sim, get a g2, if u want to play a mix of games including room scale and sims, q2.

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Hey guys,

I would like to chime in if I may. I went from a Rift S to a G2 to an Quest 2.

I wanted a change form the Rift S because I found the colors were washed out. especially the dark colors. The G2 is amazing, but I found you needed to look in the sweet spot (Center of the optical) in order to be sharp anywhere else was blurry for me. And of course being a pilot I scan the instruments when I fly. I found I had to move my head constantly in order to scan the instruments with sharpness. Any look with my eyes and it was blurry unless it was dead center. So I sent the G2 back.

I then bought the Quest 2 and its perfect for me. The clarity is much better than the Rift S, I find. I do use the cord. its buttery smooth and I love it.

Just my .02 guys.

Happy Flying.

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I had the rift s and got it set up and running well, managed to get a quest 2 for the same price I sold the rift s for £180. The quest 2 is a marked upgrade on the rift s after tweaking especially with Oculus v35 running. I also got the kiwi design headstrap and facial interface and a cable from Amazon for usb 3 connectivity, these 3 items were another £60.

Managed to get 120hz at 1.7 in the Oculus app in SIM render scaling of 100% and supersampling 1.0 giving me a steady 27fps over low and slow over nyc, I lock to 27fps in ncp along with game mode and HAGs off.

As previously mentioned you also need to consider the hardware you currently have as the amount of pixels you’re pushing round on a G2 is significantly more than a rift s and more than a quest 2 so likely need a GPU upgrade.

For comparisons sake I have a:

  • CPU Intel Core i7-9700KF o/c to 5.1
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 2080-Ti o/c +150core +1000mem
  • RAM 32GB DDR4 RAM o/c to 4000mhz
  • SSD Corsair Force NVMe PCIe M.2 2TB dedicated for MSFS
  • Well ventilated case to keep all the above components cool, idle around 35 max temp under load is 75.

Last core on userbenchmark below, to see how it compares.