Should I visit St Johns?

I have just arrived in Newfoundand on my World tour and have reached Deer Lake. I was wondering if anyone has visited St. Johns… is it worth taking a trip over that way before heading west?

My route so far is on Google Maps

Any tips on where I should stop off on my way West towards Quebec? My plan is to head to Cape Breton, Prince Edward Island and follow the coast around into the St Lawrence. I might take a hop up to Rene Levasseur Island because it looks like a curious landform. Any tips welcome - I’m always up for a detour.


It’s been a while and it was all the way back at the start of my tour.

This is the leg with St Johns

Maybe you find it interesting to visit Oak Island. I didn’t get to see it on my tour for the weather but you can see where they dug (I visited it later with better weather)


Because we visited the area in 2018 I did some flying in that area. I started in St. John’s Newfoundland and ended in Halifax NS. I found it very interesting and very scenic in places. I flew in short hops so my first leg was just from St. John’s to Gander:

I did not strictly follow this route: sort of meandered around that line. Some things on this leg:

  • Cape Spear near St. John’s is the easternmost part of North America: worth a fly over
  • The whole coast that I followed is very beautiful
  • Gander is of course famous for putting up all the aircraft that got rerouted after 9/11

Some images:

The second day I flew from Gander. I was planning to go to St. Anthony but ended up flying some way down the west coast and landed in Port au Choix

The next day I flew from Port au Choix to Halifax. I did not save a shot of the route but some things to consider:

  • Gros Morne National Park is a World Heritage site and to my mind a must see if you are in the area. On the coast it starts from Cow Head with the best of it around Rocky Harbour. Very, very beautiful
  • Sounds like you are planning on doing that in any case but the whole of Cape Breton is spectacular.

Whatever you decide to do: enjoy it!


Thanks guys, that’s really helpful. I’ll check out some suggestions and sounds like it’s defintely worth the trip to visit St. Johns and surrounding area, and I’m in no rush :slight_smile: