Should I wait 7000X3D or should I buy 5800x3D or i9-13900K

Hi everyone.

I’m gonna build up new pc but I got stuck between this point. Could you help me out on this one please ? The topic says all.
Thanks in advance.


If your main reason for purchase of the CPU is MSFS, the choice should be between the AMD 5800X3D or waiting for a future AMD 7000 series X3D

The 5800X3D is by far the best current CPU for MSFS. and it is much better than the 7950X (cheaper too) The extra cache makes a huge difference.

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That is so true. The main reason is for MSFS, but would 7950x3D be better than 5800x3D. Should I wait for it or go for 5800x3D.

FWIW, I’m planning to upgrade my CPU, currently a i9 10900, later this year or early next. I had planned on the 13900 but I’m holding off until reviews of the AMD 7000 series x3d come out. Have to buy a new mobo either way. If I was unable to wait until then, though, I’d go for the 5800 x3d over the Intel options right now.

Wait for 13900K/13700K benchmarks, it’s coming out in 12 days. My guess is it won’t be far behind 5800X3D and have better multithreading.

7800X3D will beat them all IMO, but that’s at least 3 months away. Maybe build with 7600X and upgrade when X3D parts come out?

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The new AMD CPU’s are AM5 only, meaning you can only get DDR5 RAM, meaning you can only get an AM5 motherboard. All these parts are new generation so parts prices will be higher. Something to keep in mind.

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I just fitted my 5800 x3d to replace my intel i9 10900k In msfs it blows intel away. Asus x570pro mobo.

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Yeah thanks for the comments. My concern is if I buy the 5800X3D right now then I can’t upgrade to 7950X3D later on because it requires a different mobo. But I’m still curious the results of 7950X3D once it’s released.

If you’re set on the 7950x3d, you have 2 options.

  1. Build an AM5 system now with one of the newly announced 7000 series CPU’s. That way, when the x3D launches, you can buy that CPU and replace the existing one since you’re already on the AM5 platform.

  2. Don’t build now and wait till the x3D is announced.

If you go with option 1, you’ll also have to buy DDR5 RAM, which is very expensive currently and only the best sticks are performing equally as common DDR4. So the AM5 platform cost is expensive right now.

I’m in the same boat as you currently. Building a new PC from scratch, and so far I’ve decided to go for an Intel i7 13th gen when it’s available for sale. I’m still waiting out the GPU decision because where I live, retailers are panic dropping prices of the 3080Ti and the 3090Ti. Once the 4000 series GPU review embargo is lifted on Oct 11, I’ll decide whether to pay the premium or get the 3080/90 instead.

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That’s a very nice explanation I really appreciate it.
Yeah, one thing for sure is that I’m not gonna buy 5800x3D because I really wanna consider for future updates and I don’t wanna buy mobo again and again. I think at this point it’s best to wait for 7950X3D.
Although my performance got better with the recent changes I made to the sim with my i7-10700K, the results are almost super with 5800X3D and if 7950x3D will even be better, then there’s no reason for me to seek for a change right now.
I know that DDR5 is an issue but in any case I have some spare money that I can spend on the sim. Plus I’ll be selling my old i7-10700K and mobo, even though they don’t make much :smiley: Thank god I sold my gaming laptop recently for a good price.

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MSFS is still only using single core so purchasing a higher end CPU wont give you much of an increase in performance.

I have looked this as I have an i7 10700K and was thinking about upgrading to an i9 10900K.

The single core performance gain is only 9% whereas the multi core performance gain is 22%.

So it’s not really worth the upgrade to me for MSFS.

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Also worth noting that the 5800x3d doesn’t care if you have garbage dram timings. You can run the cheapest ram, and it just doesn’t affect the x3d’s performance because the cache is so large.

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Yet the performance from 5800x3D seems to be the far best among all the others. In my case it’d be a huge increase cuz I’m always limited by mainthread, and my TLOD,LOD are both 150. I also reduced the cloud and texture to high, otherwise even at cruise, I get 37-38 with FBW. I’m not using any AI Traffic like AIG or FSTL at all which I would really love to.

In any case I’ll still upgrade but I guess I’ll wait for 7950x3D. One thing that I’m sure that I’m not gonna be getting RTX 4090 any soon. The price is almost 2.000€.

This is a big question for a lot of us, or should be. I’m committed to the very top of the stack (I got lucky on a 4090), but the 7950x3D possibility makes me hesitant to do anything right now.

I’ll be waiting for the new X3D. DDR5 should be cheaper by then too.

Yeah, I’m gonna rebuild a new pc, but I want to wait for new x3D possibly 7950x3D if it ever exists or an x3D from 7000 series.

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I’m also in the upgrade research phase and would like to futureproof but AM5 & DDR5 is a bit much currently.

Am I reading correct though, that the 5800X3D is currently the best CPU (I only use my system for FS)

I have a Ryzen 9 3900X, which is obviously quite old now.

The 5800X3D is only like £450. Seems cheap?

Wait for the 7950X3D or take a 5800X3D

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Most of the benchmarks for MSFS favor even the 5800x3d over even the i9-13900K. It seems to be the most “correct” choice for our little segment of the market, at least. Hopefully, the 7000 x3d series will have similar benefits and are available soon.

Here is reasonable example with benchmarks:


I’ve read that they’ll come in Q1 2023. Only rumors though, that’s the only reason I didn’t buy 5800X3D, will wait and see the results(comparison) with 5800X3D only for MSFS.

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