Show VOR/NBD/ILS frequencies in navlog or make it possible to access this data in flight

That would work too, but if I did a flight plan, I can pretend that data should be accessible during flight, because that’s why I did flight planning to begin with.

Oh, nice to know. I didn’t really follow development and was actually surprised it launched that soon.

They are fully functional. You just have to tune it by hand.
They still do work!

Look, I know it works. That’s not the problem.

Navigation strictly by VOR works fine in MSFS, but I can’t figure out how you would do it (even in FSX) without some kind of external reference. Charts are even more necessary when doing VOR to VOR navigation than when doing it strictly by GPS.

Yes, you can find your way to the first VOR after takeoff by centering the CDI needle with a TO flag, and turning the aircraft to match the heading shown on the CDI, but what do you do when changing course to fly to the next VOR?

Without a chart, or some kind of moving map that shows your route (like Little Nav Map), how would you know what heading or CDI bearing to use to track the outbound radial from the first VOR to the next one?

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FSX lists VOR frequencies in the in-flight navlog, that’s how.
And that’s what I want to see in this sim.


Sorry, I read it too fast.
What I mean, is, right now, when you did a Vor-to-Vor Flight plan in fs20, and you open the navlog, you see the waypoints, heading and ETE.
FSX had all of that plus frequencies listed.

Understood. I wasn’t aware that FSX provided that info in-game. I always use charts.

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Well, obviously, you get a course to or from the nav point. That part, at least is already in the sim.

It’s even better than that. In FSX, you can just open the world map in-flight, click on an airport and see all the frequencies, including ILS.


And then just one click with mouse, and you’ve done it all… Then just autopilot on, and keep on watching the game… Very funny?

Yup, you’d think the newest version of a legacy series would have everything the previous program had plus more! This seems to have been built from scratch without ever using or referencing any of the previous titles.

It’s like Carenado made the whole sim.


You found the right words there mate :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In the FSX navigation log, the VOR and NDB frequencies were also present, together with the FIX and the bow.

Unfortunately, however, in the new Simulator there are only the names of the FIX, and the bow but not the frequencies.

It would be possible to add these data to the navigation log

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Any news ?

Little nav map is useless in VR

I’m with you on this. What GPS? LOL

My little help solution,… Screenshot as “kneeboard” :disappointed_relieved:

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Doesn’t do me any good in VR though, but good idea. I could also use my tablet, with Avare hooked into the sim, but in VR, that’s useless

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