Show VOR/NBD/ILS frequencies in navlog or make it possible to access this data in flight

It’s tedious to write down the flight planner’s navlog everytime I want to fly by instruments in the 154?
If you want to know what I want, just open your navlog in-flight in FSX.


Little Navmap is free… Connects with MSFS perfectly…

But why would I need this, when previous MSFS did exactly that, and the Sim has this data?


All that things you have inside G1000/GPS generally so you can access that f.ex. ILS freq in flight.

Because this is simulator, not a game…

Cessna 154 doesn’t, and the most fun I had in FS9/FSX was radio-navigation without GPS.


It is, but I don’t want to role-play this to the point I have to write things down or use external programs.


I understand what you mean, BUT…
If you would think about using Little Navmap some day, you will like it.
It’s not just map, it’s everything. And it shows you real time even all the AI- and multplayer planes… It has everything you could ever think you would need.

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I can give it a try, but I feel like radio-navigation was all but forgotten by the devs. It’s either GPS or VFR.

I fly mostly IFR, and I guarantee you, it will work just fine

Well, yeah, it works, but I don’t want to ALT-TAB every 5 minutes to enter the new frequency. And I could do that with previous FS titles.
Guess I’ll just go back to FSX. I’ll miss the clouds, though.

I agree that frequencies should be accessible from mid-flight without needing an external program or having to use the GPS. The data obviously exists in the background, and relying on cockpit instruments to obtain it is a stretch IMO.


Two monitors would be fine, but I feel you… Hope they fix it soon.


I think it might be a real thing that happened in aviation between 2006 and now, where it’s just GPS or VFR.
Maybe all those radio stations will eventually disappear.

I agree 100%, the fact that the frequencies are missing from the in flight Navlog is a rather odd omission.


+1 Couldn’t agree more. Fully functional GPS / FMC / Radios is something we have all come to expect in our Flight Sim.

I do hope this is on the priority list of items that need to be fixed / added


It’s almost like they concentrated all the work on the planes with the G-1000 (or similar), where the freqs are readily available in-sim, and forgot that some folks just want a weekend hop in a 152. Would be nice to access that info in the 152 without outside sources. But hopefully once the Navblue " charts +" kicks in (which was only listed at “post launch” in the partnership announcement) we’ll have in-sim access to that info. Regards.

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:slight_smile: in this case you need charts of course :wink:

How about a way to print the nav log before the flight. Right now I just take a pic with my phone and look at that for frequencies. I am gonna try learning the garmin better. I think a lot of private pilots use an iPad for a lot of things like nav frequencies and checklists ect in the real world.

IRL, there are some wonderful apps for the Ipad to help with a lot of things! I use one that has everything and the kitchen sink in it, and even shows inflight paths to land at nearest airport if you have engine failure. Kids have it so easy now! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: