Showcase camera not doing anything #PC

Seems to be just an issue with my PC not Series X, trying to use the FREE CAMERA>CAMERA DRONE.

It used to work brilliantly then as of the last couple of updates it sometimes works and then doesn’t, I can’t use AWSD or Numberpad 4 or Numberpad 5 etc… Nothing seems to work now, however the aircraft being the F-15E when paused in the sky pressing Numberpad 4 & Numberpad 5 moves the rear flaps.

My keybinds haven’t changed since day one of this simulator so it seems to be confusing, i’ve tried setting up a new default keyboard profile but still nothing.

Also noticed that the Camera Drone is greyed out and not clickable anymore.

Hopefully i’m not the only one here with this or if I’m missing something really simple

Have you tried to use the command “Toggle Drone Cam” from the control bindings?