Showcase // possible recruitment

Hey everyone, i’m a professional games artist previously working on mostly FPS games, currently working on an MD-80 which i intend to complete for MSFS. This has been an arduous task, taking several months to complete. I have worked from a ton of references, including visiting the AA facility at St Louis to get every aspect of the model just right.
As i intend to add this thing to MSFS with full func, i am in the early stages of recruitment for possible developers/programmers to help me with this. Preferably you are a flight sim or general games industry professional that has experience with a/c systems (i personally do NOT know my way around the 80 or other aircraft systems or their functionality). flight deck is in early concept stages, outside model is 90% i’d say. will be textured fully PBR.
any feedback and comments outside of “applications” are also welcome.

full model preview here: sketchfab 3d-models/dc-9-82-md-82-4e9c98df16ad4eaba5fdac85962ec094