Shrike Simulations F-86F Sabre [Released!]


correct. in the vc, i move the lever (using my mouse) to the hold position. once there, i can use the lever on my hardware that’s bound to flaps axis and i have infinite control over where the flaps are positioned

edit: if i left my hardware axis at 50%, the flaps would be at 50% deployed (sorry, i forgot to answer that part of your question in my original post)


Got it - thanks! And was just able to confirm. I completely missed the (one-line) reference in the instructions about using an axis - I went straight to the LVARs and fixated there.

I don’t typically use a flaps axis, but it makes for a very nice solution here.

My next question for the group - is there a reason my hydraulics warning light is on at all times? Maybe because I forgot to press the flight controls reset button? Or is there something else I’m missing?

Really nice pricing, looks very nice, and sounds very nice if it flies very nice then we have a winner.

This is exactly an example of why I was referring to when I said DC Designs’ cockpits look very bad, this one is instead very nice, better textures all around, better instruments, etc.

There are some privately owned F28s in the US, this is going to be a lot of fun!

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i LOL’ed when i read this because it made me think of something someone said to me many years ago. if you have your eyes closed and you hear a stampede of hooves, don’t just assume they’re zebras. something i am guilty of many times over.

anyhow, glad it’s working for you. enjoy the plane!


Flick the controls reset switch on the lower left console. It’s the the checklist.

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Thanks to you both!

My reading comprehension is clearly a bit off on this one.

Now, if the manual had run to 150 pages, I would have memorized all that*

My character note.

*I wouldn’t have time to fly the plane, however…

I must be honest when I saw the first pre-release pictures I was a quite sceptical. The Milviz F-86 was one of my absolute favorite aircraft in FSX.

In the screenshots it looked like there are very visible raised rivets (A F-86 has flush rivets), an extremely weathered cockpit and inacurate paintschemes. I was also worried that the Systems and Flight Model would be tuned down, as the Blackbird releases are the study level aircraft. In short, I thought that the study level aircraft we had in FSX would be ruined and published as a new game-like version of the F-86.

I’m super happy to be 100 % wrong! In short, the aircraft is awesome! The rivets look very good in the sim, and the raised portion is only visible if you zoom in closer than you would ever do in a normal flight. The weathering in the cockpit looks quite good in the sim. The wrong fonds of the paintschemes in the preview pictures got fixed and look overall much better.

When it comes to the Systems, pretty much everything is clickable with only very few inop switches and levers and even the circuit brakers are modeled and work.

The flight model is fantastic. Everybody who flies the F-86 in real life only speaks of it in the highest tones. Eric Brown, the famous British test pilot who held the record of most flown aircraft types (487 aircraft types, without counting subversions) named it as one of his favorite aircraft. Steve Hinton the famous warbird pilot, who has flown pretty much every vintage aircraft there is, has named the F-86 his favorite plane. Shrike did a fantastic job, showing of the flying qualities of the Sabre. It flies like a dream. It is quite agile for a jet, for the most part quite easy to fly and yet an absolute hoot. I think it might be one of the best handling aircraft in MSFS.

I’m super happy to have one of my favorite aircraft back, probably better than ever. For 20 $ it’s an absolute steal!

Here is an “Airshow” Aerobatic Display over Duxford with it, with a “Spectator” View at the end. Hopefully it’s evident that I love this plane. I was a bit shocked when I stopped the recording how long the flight was…it felt like 10-15 min.


Thanks for the video. Looks like a new addition to my hangar.

landing gear animation looks very fast to me though

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Gear operation is fast IRL. Video here of gear operation on the stand at 2:30 and on takeoff at 4:45.


Had my first flight today, wonderful plane! Looks and flies beautifully and at this price simply cannot be beat. The cockpit textures are so crisp, it looked amazing in VR as well as 4K. Can’t wait to log more time in this baby!!


Hadn’t seen any shots with the weapons. If you want bombs/rockets, buy direct from Shrike vs waiting for Marketplace to get it.



I’ve been resisting military planes as I (or my accurately my wallet), doesn’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

But this is a sexy looking plane. Not sure I’ll be able to resist.


It’s not a military plane. It’s an old warbird, a museum piece and a part of history.
So it’s ok :wink:


Got a nice gift today, missing livery in my email!


Looks great - but isn’t that a typo on the vertical stabilizer? “US ARM FORCE”?

The funny thing is that I spent the first half of my career as an editor. I just didn’t even read the stab text! :slight_smile:

Hopefully they’ll fix that when they fix the fonts. I’m surprised they released this now instead of just waiting for the first patch, given the typo and the stencil font.

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I’m a writer and editor myself. And I never see typos in headlines- just look right past them.

Sort of wish they’d fixed it before release but you’re right, it’s no big thing.

They’ll correct it in the next version, just like I do.

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Being fixed now. We will send it out by email to all direct purchasers.

Hot fix incoming… then on to the Marketplace…


Very good screenshots.
A question. Do you use any type of in-sim filters (such as Nvidia Filters) or improve the images in post-production with an image editor?

Thanks! Nope, no filters or post-production. The only editing is to crop the sides, since I have an ultrawidescreen 5,120x1,440 monitor.

Here’s my process for screen shots, once I have the plane where I want it:

  • Pause the sim
  • Switch to the Showcase view and set the zoom to 85-90% to get rid of the fisheye effect
  • Position the camera
  • Use the weather icon on the toolbar to adjust the time of day to get the best looking lighting and shadows

It’s that last step that can help make kinda pedestrian shots look pretty good.