Shut Up 4 Water Landing (Amphib Gear Advisory Callout Inhibit)

Shut Up 4 Water Landing is an addon I hacked together to get rid of the repeating “Gear up for water landing!” (Including the “gear down” one as well) saying that is produced by the Gear Advisory System available in all Asobo amphibious planes. It is quite literally the result of betty yelling repeatedly in my ear one too many times… I have included two variants of the addon:

Adding this folder to your community directory will stop all callouts from the gear advisory system. Admittedly, there is nothing special I have done to the code. This variant is quite literally the equivalent of cutting the wire attached to the intercom. In other words, I just deleted all the code (Except for what is required for it to replace the default gauge). You know what they say, if you cant figure out what exactly to change after two hours, just delete the whole script. Problem solved… :stuck_out_tongue:

Adding this folder to your community directory will allow the gear advisory system to still make callouts. However, I was apparently able to break the code enough to stop it from endlessly repeating. Now it will only advise you a few times, in a much more polite mentorish way, not a clingy, demanding exGF way. I consider this variant of the addon to be very beta, as the callouts don’t seem to advise every single time, for whatever reason. However, as I know there are those who still may want some form of non-invasive callout, I have opted to include it.

Hopefully many will find this useful until Asobo does something about the repetitive callouts! The file is available at: