SIAI-Marchetti SF-260

Please could Asobo do a version of the excellent SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 for FS2020? I fly it in X- Plane 11 and it is superb. I have logged time in the SF-260 and the X-Plane aircraft is one of the best aircraft I have flown.

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Totally Agree this is by far the best plane out there we need this in MFS

Jrollon and Simcoders are already working on it. I’ve even seen him on Twitch designing the model for MSFS 2020 a few days ago.

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Absolutely agree!! The SF260 is about the only reason I’m still using X-Plane from time to time. Fantastic plane and beautifully modeled!


I had to change your request from JRollon to Asobo. The Wishlist section is only for requests for Microsoft or Asobo. As this topic has votes on it, it is being modified instead of closed.