SID restrictions not working properly


I am trying to add some SIDs to a new airport I’ve made in MSFS. There are no issues getting the SIDs setup and loaded into the FMC, however when it comes to the restrictions it seems as though the “-” restriction - being at or below altitude1 is being treated as “+”. In the sim these waypoints are shown as 8000A and the points before the waypoint have altitudes calculated above 8000ft. Any help would be appreciated.

altitudeDescriptor="-" altitude1=“8000.0F”


Are you sure the problem is not with the aircraft you’re using?

I’ve seen it in the default 747 and 787 as well as the FlyByWire A32nx. I’m not sure what else to try it on. At least in the FBW 320 you can manually change the restriction after loading the SID.

Did you solve it? I also have a problem with altitudeDescriptor. Does not accept the value " ".

Leg type=“CA” magneticCourse=“358” altitudeDescriptor=" " altitude1=“6000.0F”

Any suggestion?