Side by Side Graphic Setting Comparison Video

Hi all,

I stumbled across this interesting and useful video from VR Flight World channel on youtube and thought it might be useful when trying to determine your GFX settings & performance levels trade offs.


Great video! To me it´s amazing how good the quality is even with the lower settings…

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Maybe it is just me…don’t see any material difference between medium and high (only thing I can see between high and medium is slightly better/smoothed shadows).


I watched this last night well done, easy to see difference between low and ultra. I actually set a few setting down to medium because I could barely see much difference. I’m now getting best performance nice and smooth with very few stutters, and It still looks great. Running a 4K LG 55 OLED TV with High end system. Worth watching.


Based on this video it looks like building quality hits max at medium. But from other videos I have seen the difference between, medium, high and ultra is building density and draw distance. This appears to be adaptive, as ultra settings will still see buildings pop in relatively close. While in less detailed areas this does not happen. Trees seem to use the same logic.

I also think this is the best video out there right now for setting your display options. When I see the ongoing complaints about performance, it would be great to point them at this. Clearly you don’t have to turn everything up to “eleven” to make it look good. I’m running a workstation with a P2200 at 1440p on a i7-9700K and it looks fantastic. I know for a fact I get around 30 FPS at the moment, but I get very few stutters. Obviously, I would like to see higher FPS moving forward as ASOBO makes optimizations, but I will take what I’m given for now.

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I have the same TV…love the LG OLED. Everytime my friends come over to see the simulator they are blown away.