Sidewinder joystick compatibility

If this joystick uis compatible, how do I set it?

Yes it is. That’s what I am using right now. However, you will need to map the controls yourself as it didn’t come pre-configured. It’s pretty straightforward …

Firstly is the joystick setup and calibrated in Windows?

I have the old MS Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro. There is no ff support for this stick though.

There are some solutions coming via 3rd party software to ff though…

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I can’t wait. I have a 20-year old FF Pro (non-USB), and I’ve built a little convertor that lets me plug it in via USB. Everything is working, now I just need FF support in the game :slight_smile:

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Me neither, these sticks are extremely well made and very accurate. The FF will be the icing on the top.

Had to manually map - lots of us Sidewinder Precision Pro owners (various models) out here.

Be aware, you may need to adjust sensitivity in the program to dampen the control axes a little. Default sensitivity resulted in very touchy yoke controls in-flight.

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I have the MS Sidewinder Force Feedback II, It would be wonderful if the FF function was active. I can’t wait to feel the aircraft’s response in my hand.

Third party software should soon be available…

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How can I dampen the sensitivuty? This for me is a major problem

I hope so. Let me know as soon as you have news…

I set mine to -40% on all axis except the throttle

In the mapping screen where you bind the keys and axes to your stick, there’s a blue Sensitivity button the left in the middle of the screen.

Sure. How stupid of me not to see it!
You have been kind and helpful so far. Now I have some more problems. Probably I do something wrong assigning the various buttons. I see two columns. I have tried this, for instance: Brakes on button one on both collumns and so forth for other settings, but apart for the main axes, roll, throttle and yaw, the assignements for the other buttons don’t work properly. An additional problem: I could not make the hat working: I would like to use the hat to pan the views. I thank you for your patience and wait for your answer.
Thank you so much!

I have mine. I’ve used it since launch day. You just need to map the keys. I would love to post mine, if I could find the file where they’re stored.

Just wanna say another force feedback joystick here. I thought I was only one left lol. :slight_smile:

For Hat View button assignment, you are looking for Cockpit Camera-Cockpit Quickview (Direction) in the left Column. In the right assign the appropriate POV + Arrow Symbol Mapping. So for example “Cokcpit Quickview Right = POV ->”

Makes it easy to swing around for example and see if the runway is at my left 45 for me to begin the turn to Base Leg.

Just to add, I’ve only assigned one control/button to one command to the left. I’ve never populated BOTH columns for the same control. I imagine there’s a use for it, but I haven’t figured it out myself.

I’m using a Sidewinder from 1999 or 2002 (forget which), and it works great. I had to configure it all manually.

Thank you so much!
A glitch with the smulator is that when you save in midflight you lose the flight plan when you start again. I think this depend on the sim and I am looking forward to some update that will hopefully solve the annoyng problem, especially in long flights.