Sids, stars, and ils problems

hey there when i do the flight plan, i can find any stars, sids in the departure and no ils at the arrivals, it only shows rw how can i fix it

You need to change the type of the flight to IFR.

On the bottom of the planning screen there is an option saying “more”, select that then there will be another option saying “filters” select that and you get a box cone up. Scroll to the bottom and select nav aids and fixed nav points and that will being up your sids and stars plus any ils beacons and tacan beacons.

I hope this helps

There is nothing to fix… as with FSX you can select three different type of flight plans, as @Chaezaa pointed put.

What @Batterby76 states is relevant if you want to see the waypoints.

Check out “littlenavmap”, lots of tutorials on YouTube, that is an alternative to arrange your flight plan whether VOR to VOR or otherwise.