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I suggest FS11 forums incorporate a Sig’ option for users so we can post PC specs. Useful particularly for trouble shooting issues.

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I wasn’t sure if that was possible as the Forum is run off of Discourse, but this makes it seem like it’s to the admin’s discretion.

I rather like it like this, it’s much cleaner. If you need to post specs for troubleshooting, do it as a one off. You don’t need it attached to every single post you make over the entire forum.

It could be a “reveal hidden contents” button at the bottom…
…and I’m not for putting a bunch of silly nonsense in the Sig but there are going to be thousands of posts regarding performance and PC issues in general. Specs are just easy to start trouble-shooting.

Hi @PvtPartz1stC and @GamerKingFaiz

We’ve spent quite a bit of time discussing this and concluded that we will not be enabling forum signatures. In short, the reason is it will lead to unnecessary Code of Conduct violations. For a full description of our thinking read below.

Long Answer
Signatures are a relic of the old PHP forum environment. Their necessity was created by the lack of modern JavaScript libraries like Ember, React and Vue. Back then everything had to be rendered server-side. This meant information about a user that needed to be easily available, say hardware specs, had to be rendered into every post.

The Discourse developers are heavily against signatures. If you look at the thread posted by @GamerKingFaiz above, one of the co-founders Jeff Atwood said:

It is our rather strongly held belief as an organization that repeated signatures are not a good solution to … well, anything.

and they are correct. If you take the hardware example presented by the @PvtPartz1stC, that would only be relevant on the first post of a hardware-specific discussion. Having that information displayed anywhere else at best is spam and at worse is off-topic.

Discourse does have another option for displaying personal info, called a biography. You can see a users bio by clicking their profile picture, here is mine: image
One of the nice things about the biography is that it’s only visible upon request, and not in every single post, this contributes to Discourses clean layout.

Getting back to the Discourse developers. They are so opposed to signatures that the feature is not included in the forum software. If we were to allow signatures we would have to install the plugin (linked above), and then each user would have to enable the feature before they would be able to see other users’ signatures. This means that even if we enabled signatures so you could post your hardware specs, not all users would be able to see the content.

Out of all the mods I talked to, only one was not opposed to trying it, the rest of us didn’t want to go near the feature. Here is a shortlist of reasons why:

  • It becomes another thing to moderate
  • Signatures cannot be locked behind trust levels
  • The repeated information cannot be useful in every possible post so it will add unnecessary spam in places
  • It requires another plugin, which is another thing that can potentially break
  • Even if signatures were enabled, not everyone will see them
  • We run the risk of having posts where the largest content is the signature and not the post content

I’m sorry this became such a long post, but I felt it was best to present you the full argument rather than a straight no. If you have any questions feel free to ask below.


…and the “short” answer is, well said. I very much appreciate the professionalism in your answer. It makes good sense now that you’ve explained it so well

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This answer is perfect actually no need to apologize! :+1:t2: Keep it up!