Silliest mistake you’ve made while flying in MSFS?

What’s the silliest mistake you’ve made when flying. The other day I had a couple of hours free so I planned a quick flight from Melbourne to Adelaide. Took off and then had a shout for assistance from “she who must be obeyed”. Came back to the flight and found crazy fuel burn and Fenix struggling to climb. After trying several fixes I had an outside look and saw the landing gear was still down at 26000ft!


having the parking brake engaged while landing, I have different profiles in for different aircraft, sometimes I use the landing gear lever for parking brake action if the aircraft doesnt have a retractable landing gear and sometimes I confuse them both. I guess I shouldnt fly a real plane. :laughing:

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The poor man’s auto brake? I’ve actually considered doing this considering how fast things happen at touchdown. XD

I bumped into a mountain the other day.

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On my around the world tour, at the east coast of Italy I met another player and let him provoke me into some dogfighting.
Seems you can overstress the TBM930 quite easily :grimacing:

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Ignoring the gear down voice alert…

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After a 4.5hr flight forgot to put gear down…

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Last week. Terrible head cold. Flying after taking Nyquil. Perfect approach with a gentle but very loud touchdown. Gear still up.


Diverted for a splash and dash at the nearest airstrip completely forgetting that I was wearing floats (tbf I was trying out different variants of the cub in dev mode)

When entering the passenger weights for my wife , daughter and small cavoodle, entered 165kg for the co-pilot…boy did she complain not to mention a very pronounced lean to the right…


I flew a tight turn with back pressure on the stick in the Big Radials Nieuport 17 at slow speeds. Right wing stalled and she fell to the ground like stone.

This is one of those planes which sits in the hangar over night plotting new ways to kill you …


Oh boy. Getting lost over the Italian mainland during a short night flight from Rome to Florence. Didn’t notice the autopilot going in to roll mode instead of tracking the VOR, almost found myself on controlled flight into terrain as the DME indicated TOD, but now into high terrain. PULL UP PULL UP PULL UP. :man_facepalming:

Night flying potentially kills pilots. Well, bad pilots anyway.


I had to do the conversion on that. Oof.

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Embedded cumulogranite?



My first flight in the P51 went great all the way through taxiing, take off, flight, approach and even all but one trivial part of landing. I could not understand how my gentle landing sounded so terrible. Hope they could restore the belly of that P51 after I used it instead of the landing gear.

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Forgetting to put auto-break to rto before takeoff…

Forgot about the state saving of the JP Logistics Cessna 152 and took off with full flaps from a high altitude airport surrounded by mountains. Didn’t end well…

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I was doing a bush trip. I did leg 1-3, and on leg 4 I was going too slow while landing and stalled and couldn’t recover. So ok, restart from last waypoint. And I kept crashing and crashing and crashing. I couldn’t figure out why this runway was so problematic. Until I figured out, my landing gear was up. The two bush trip I had done before this, the planes had static landing gear, you couldn’t raise them. So I went through legs 1-3 on this one without raising the landing gear, and when I restarted from the last waypoint, it starts it with landing gear up. Oops…

Haven’t had any funnies in MSFS yet but I’ll share a real world one.

2 of my friends and I had just got our PPLs and one night 3 of us took of in 3 C172s for some night flying in the San Joaquin valley (northern California).

Once at cruise altitude and on the common freq chatting one of my friends said his C172 was cruising really slowly.

This got us worried and while I flew my right seater chatted to the right seater on the other C172 trying to troubleshoot.

But we just couldn’t solve it and we soon left him behind, he said the engine was running just fine with everything in the green.

It was as we approached Visalia that we heard

Uhh yea so guys I had left the flaps down

Its amazing that even with checklists and scouring the panel that it was missed but just shows how we CAN miss obvious things.

When you run a checklist:

  1. Touch the item (landing gear handle)
  2. Look at the item
  3. Confirm the item state (landing gear is down)

…and onto the next , rinse and repeat

Specially crucial when flying single pilot.