Sim Brief/ATC

For the past few days the runway SimBrief gives me. I will give tonight as an example (KSAN-KBOI) are always the opposites. For the flight I just mentioned I got Runway 27, but when I pull up ATIS it is giving me runway 9 and the atc does the same. Am I missing something simple? Or what am I doing wrong?

I don’t know what algorithm the in-game ATC uses to select the active runway but it is notoriously wrong. I frequently get assigned a runway with a tailwind.

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Hello @ZoltonMesko3096,

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I was thinking I was crazy since it kept happening, maybe I just don’t use ATC anymore, especially since it is not compatible with the CRJ anyway.

It’s compatible. You just have to load the flight plan into both the aircraft and the MSFS planner. I fly the CRJ with ATC all the time. Please don’t spread false information.

Didn’t mean to spread false information. How do you get it into the MSFS planner? I thought the NAV databases are different?

Download the flight plan from sim brief and load it into the MSFS planner

and the runways will line up etc… with atc?

Usually. There might be a few differences but ATC will be able to give you decent instructions. As decent as the in game ATC is capable of, at least

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Simbrief is, at free version, outdated. I dont know if it has anything related to the wrong (or “old”) approach. I use simbrief, but I use the arriving data from ATC