Sim connect error

Four flights four Sim connect errors and crash to desktop. Have no mods and used ai traffic. It crashes almost immediately with real-time traffic.

I advise you the following, it is how I have it.
AI Traffic: Disabled
Go from Azure to Windows offline.
Try and post how it went.

Tried that as long as I am flying by myself everything is fine, real traffic or offline traffic it appears. Does Asobo know this?

Yes, this is actually a fairly wide spread issue.
There are quite a few threads/posts in here in regards to this Simconnect CTD.
ASOBO has stated they are investigating and correcting the issue, and rumor has it the correction will be included with the World Update 3, but that release date info isn’t from any official source.
They have been quite silent on this.
Keeping the amount of info going through simconnect to a minimum is indeed a help.

It is available in an official source. Feb 11 is the expected release date, barring any other delays.

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I meant the simconnect CTD resolution.
Is that included in this release?

We assume since they know they broke it in the last sim update and acknowledged it, it should be a high priority on their list of fixes for this next udpate. SimConnect is kind of a critical components of the sim.

No guarantees, of course. They’ve “fixed” things that were either as broken or worse after their fix.

They’ve known about it since the end of December!

They know about this and should be fixed in the next update.

End of December was the last update. There haven’t been any others since. So it should be fixed in this update. Should™.

Yes, I did hear that.
I just can’t find any official statement or post from them confirming this.
I sure am hoping.

Yeah when i first have a CTD i did a search to get help with the issue and saw a dev/mod post here directly saying it will be fixed. Just can’t find it now.

I remember reading that somewhere as well. I also can’t find the post about it.

Will installing the FSUIPC7 help or destroy me? I would work on sim connect to be able to talk to you guys and gals.

FSUIPC7 does use simconnect to communicate with the sim.
It won’t hurt though. If the sim does CTD, just don’t use it for now.
FSUIPC7 must be manually started, It can be made to start the sim, but not the other way around, the sim doesn’t start FSUIPC.
There is also a command line you can add to the FSUIPC7 .ini file, which in most cases eliminates the issue.

I do not know the ini file to add.

Actually my MSFS does start FSUIPC.

Thanks for that.
I’ve had it since early November, but for some reason, I thought you had to start FSUIPC first, then you could start the sim!
I appreciate the info!

Did they fix sim connect in the UK update?

I guess they did not fix the sim-connect error in the new update because I just got one on a flight over 500 nm.

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