SIM CONNECT variable for managed/selected mode (A320)

Hallo community,

I want to port my own piece of software written for FSX to MSFS. The software controls my DIY A320 FCU and was written as a gauge for the Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321, therefore I had access to all the LVARs published by Aerosoft.

Currently, I have the problem of not knowing how to find out whether the managed or selected mode is activated for speed/heading/altitude. Can someone tell me which variables I have to use to get these information?

Thanks you!

I haven’t yet checked they’re settable (and if they are whether they actually work as intended), but try AUTOPILOT SPEED SLOT INDEX, AUTOPILOT ALTITUDE SLOT INDEX, and AUTOPILOT HEADING SLOT INDEX. There’s presumably one for V/S too. I can certainly read them - 1 is selected and 2 is managed.

Variables and events are different things, but nice find!
Stands to reason that something named comparably is in the event section.

I don’t know if the documentation for the SDK would help. It contains the variables and events supported. It is in the included file …/FlightSimulator/sdk/Documentation/04-Developer_Tools/SimConnect/index.html. Download he SDK from FS.

Thank you all for your support!

The anwer of @DGymer is exactly what I was looking for. I did not found those variables because I used the SimvarWatcher sample which hasn’t built in those variables. Obviously, that sample is based on an older version of the simconnect interface.

After including the variables mentioned above into the SimvarWatcher project an rebuilding it, I was able to read the desired information.

Unfortunately, those variables cannot be set, they are read only. And I did not succeeded in finding appropriate events.