Sim Crash on USB Disconnect?

Wonder if this is just me or anyone else?

I have a KVM switch that I use on my home and my work computers. When I have MSFS up and running and I disconnect the USB from my home computer to use on my work computer when I switch back to my home computer the sim has crashed, no error, just gone.

When I do not use my KVM and my usb mouse / keyboard are properly connected, everything works fine and I can play in the game for hours

Hey there,

same happens to me. Everytime I connect or disconnect a device the sim crashes. Took me ages and 2 full reinstalls to find out, beacuse the culprit seemed to be my bluetooth mouse going to sleep. Only workaround for now seems to be to make sure nothing changes while flying.

From reddit I gathered it might be AMD Proc/chipset related. Do you by any chance have a Ryzen processor?

Make sure to file a ticket over zendesk.

Nope it’s not, I run Intel/nvidia and it happens to me. It’s bad code.

Same deal, freezes solid if you disconnect mouse or kbd even for a second. Switching with KVM kills it. Even having a USB keyboard AND a wireless one on the same PC - if one of those four is disconnected for even a second, solid freeze.

No, I have an Intel chip

Thank you everyone for the responses, glad to know it is not just me. Really makes using two computers at once difficult

Yeap add me to the list. I think it’s a remnants of bad P3D/FSX code. At least P3D is solid enough not to freeze and crash but it would flip whole bunch of random switches in the airplane and then apply ctrl and shift keys resulting in some weird nuisance behavior in windows itself .