Sim crashes when loading in to BIKF (Keflavik)

When loading into BIKF the sim crashes, just try to spawn in to BIKF. I’ll report to Zendesk as well.


I have the same issue

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I have confirmed the same issue on multiple installs (different PC’s), , both starting at the airport, or flying close to it crashes the sim as well.


I have the same issue. Just crashed to desktop whilst descending into Keflavik on a flight from Glasgow.

Tried to ‘resume’ by selecting a nearby fix on the ocean in the world map, but it crashed immediately the sim loaded.

Tried again to load a flight from Keflavik with a different aircraft, different time of day etc. Crashed immediately.

When I want to start at BIKF the game crashes to the desktop. On another forum someone else had the same problem. Other locations load fine, so far…

Already reported in BETA. Hopefully fixed soon.

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I’ve already reported in Alpha

Every time im near keflavik BIKF the sim crashes.

Same thing happens to me. I have tried to depart from both BIKF and BIRK but it just shuts the sim down completely.

Same here, and if i fly from other in iceland to KEF, crash too

I can confirm, I was flying from BIRK and was about 4 miles from BIKF runway 28 when the sim crash.
I have the Steam version on windows 10 home.

Same here, and I wanted to start in Keflavik.

BIRK-KJFK. IFR Departure 19. A320neo. Crashed 5/5 over 2 days.

Crashes after climb instruction to FL230 from FL130 which is about 4 minutes after take off. Just before crash sound will stutter.
Seems to occur just before it wants to hand off to the next controller/area.

Flying into BIRK was OK on ILS from LSZH

Same issue. Reported to Zendesk.

Same here, come on MICROSOFT get a grip!!

Same for me. MSFS crashes on final 28

I also get this, whether I try to load in, or fly near BIKF.

Yup, can confirm this is happening to me as well.

Had a response to my ticket. They are “aware of the issues and are working strongly to resolve”


Same here. CTD loading BIKF.