Sim crashing after launching Xbox

Has anybody else been suffering from some CTD when launching the sim from flight plan screen? Something funny happened last night. The sim has been working great! But last night when I started the game, it loaded differently. Meaning when the screen usually shows images from the current world update the loading screen didn’t show anything but the stock picture of MSFS. Now every flight I try to launch it loads up and before the flight begins it just crashes to Home Screen. This has never happened before. I’ve tried different airports and planes. Payware and stock airports and get the same results. This is incredibly weird. Is anyone else having this issue? It’s amazing how we are all supposed to be playing the same exact game but we all experience entirely different issues and problems unique to only this game. Incredibly aggravating. Any suggestions or advice? I’ve already reset my cache and I’m really believing a complete reinstall will not fix the issue. And I’m playing on the Series X.

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In my experience I have had strange behaviours also, but I think I have tracked the cause down. I noticed that if I go to the manager (?) first…the one that has updates… if there is something it wants to update…I do it Before I try to fly. If I don’t 90% of the time odd things happen. I hope this helps.