Sim destroyed my OS

Exited a flight and hit return to home screen. I noticed that it was loading way slower than usual, so I walked away to use the bathroom. When I returned, the computer was completely off. Now I get the windows repair screen and I’ve tried every command prompt to repair it to no avail. Never had anything like this happen before. I have a i7 6600k GTX970 w/16gb or ram. I’m totally screwed for now.

About 0.0% chance MSFS caused it. Almost certainly you had a hardware failure, probably storage.


What have you done to confirm it was MSFS that killed your PC. This is the last cause I would be looking for. A SSD/HDD problem would be my first guess.


Like said above, probably some hardware failure. It’s (almost) impossible a software failure would shutdown your pc.

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i’d rather underscore your “almost”. i know two guys that actually killed their gfx card / psu with furmark somewhat recently. they ignored it’s notice, though, haha.

AIDA64 would like to have a word.

It was still a hardware error and not a software error.


i don’t disagree with your assumption at all.

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This is why I said almost. People can accomplish bizarre things.

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I said almost. You believe a game can shutdown a pc? Considering there’s no hardware issues.

Lol, from all ranting threads including people who can’t play even with a 2080ti, others bashing about “bad graphics” and other absurdities, blaming a game to screw the hardware is a top notch.


Don’t feel sad, MSFS ate my hamster.


Right? It’s pretty funny, though.



Please share your Bluescreen with us.
You can easy search for the code that is showed by the bluescreen in google, so you know the exact reason for this

He didn’t get any BSOD. His pc just shut down and now he has a corrupted OS.

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Uhm, not good… :confused:

I’ve pretty tweaked hardware (overclocking, downvolting, aggressive primary/secondary timings tuning of RAM). It worked fine for months, passed all sorts of stability tests with no problems.
With MSFS tech alpha I started getting 1-2 BSOD a day. Problem was not in MSFS, but my hardware.
The sim loads the hardware quite harshly. In my case adding 0.1V to DRAM Voltage and VCSA/IO solved the issue.
Please check that you have no overheating, enough PSU power, other hw problems.


I think 16 GB RAM is not cutting it, and CPU or GPU is maxing out constantly, which may have revealed a weakness somewhere innyour system. Bad cooling, bad PSU?

Have you tried the ”clear cmos jumper trick” to reboot?

Hardware failure

That’s impossible and just trolling. The operating system (created by ms, btw…) would prevent the sim from doing such things.