Sim EFB for MSFS! My first impression

Finally, now i can use my notes and charts in VR !

Here are my first impressions:


I´m also interested in it. Please give us your feedback … Pro and Cons, FPS hit, etc. Many thanks in advance. BTW: I have already one negative point … no PDFs to load in, only PNG files (charts) … if I´m correct?

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There is cheaper alternative by Rafael Santos:
I need to compare (I don’t own either of them) and I would gladly hear any opinions about Sim EFB @OSalvadorO .

@Donnerbock71 as far as I remember panels from Rafael Santos can open pdf, but check his website :slight_smile:

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Anxiously awaiting reviews…

£25? I think not.

Cheapest is: eBag (Electronic Flight Bag) also works in VR » Microsoft Flight Simulator
It’s FREE and works a treat.

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Indeed, I don’t mind paying for something but £25 for a widget is just insane pricing.

I like the possibility of generating and using airport maps as moving maps, if I understand it correct. But yes, the price is some kind of heavy. I am patiently waiting for feedback, also on possible FPS hit …

I sue this one and like it:

Its free for basic functionality and in constant development.

looks interesting but too expensive for me

Ok, I have been using the add-on for the last week. Here are my initial impressions:

  1. It does the job, thats the first important statement. The information is organized in up to 3 different EFB windows that you can easily use whilst you are flying in 2D or VR.

  2. Using it is also simple, text can be organized in groups (for example: departure, weather, route, etc) and you can paste any simple text to the section. You expand or close it with your mouse cursor whilst you use the window. Automatically includes some moving maps, streetmap and the likes.

  3. You can use the other windows to display screen grabs mainly, organized by departure airport, enroute or arrival airport. You have a series of labels that you can change and paste any image (for example, parking position, SIDs, etc). Note that these information is stored in your documents folder (can be changed) and is persistent, this means that if you save an airport diagram for KLAX it is reused when you plan that destination. I have been pasting weather maps, navigraph screenshots and other notes from simbrief.

  4. All images can be moved by the mouse cursors and zoom in/out using your mouse wheel. Quality is reduced in VR but still readable and usable, nothing to be worried about.

  5. Managing and planning is managed by an external application, very simple to be honest, where you can paste images, paste or write simple text and organized via a series of labels. You can import PNL files and automatically fills it with basic information. It has also a function that triggers a search in google with 3 or 4 tabs to show you more information (ie skyvector and the likes). When you finish your route planning the information is saved so you can reuse your plan and information for other opportunity. The information is finally pushed to MSFS (there is an option for VR optimization).

  1. Your maps, plates can be geolocalized for moving map options, you just create two geo references(the tool helps you here and works really well), with this option the moving map in the EFB window shows the plane location.

  1. Note that you can change the content whilst you are still on the sim, no need to restart it which is a cool feature.

So, in a nutshell it works and after 5 flights I didnt need to peek out of the VR headset to complete my flight. It has some minor bugs like some images didnt show but I expect that to be fixed soon. No noticeable FPS impact or performance degradation.

What is missing or could be improved?

  • Only images can be imported
  • No PDF integration to enrich the text
  • A scratchpad would be a nice feature and very simple to upgrade.
  • Better resolution, you know that we have some charts with tiny fonts!
  • Font management, maybe with coloured sections as at first glance the text looks messy, you get used to it but it feels rushed.
  • Price… this is just my feeling but is a bit expensive for what it offers and I feel that soon many apps will integrate this feature (for example Navigraph is about to launch the VR integration app), some free scratchpads… Today you pay the price as is one of the first on the market but as I said at the beginning, it works!

I hope this helps

Thanks for the review @OSalvadorO, great work!
I found this video interesting also:

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