Sim freezes upon camera movement after being AFK for a bit

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After being away from your keyboard for a 15-30min even and you come back in while your airplane is in cruise.
And you move the camera view to another view, the sim suddenly freezes for a solid 10+ seconds.

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1 Fly up to cruise
2 Don’t touch your PC for 20-30 minutes.
3 Press one of your saved views and the freeze starts.

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Nvidia 556.12

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Windows 11 - AMD 5800X3D - RTX4080 - 32GB RAM

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: currently but i believe it started two sim updates ago i think. (not sure)

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Check your pc power settings. Could be a drive being put to sleep.

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haven’t even thought about that ngl, i have a 8TB HDD alongside my 2x 4TB nvme’s.
windows set that as 20min to sleep, i’ll set it to 999999 minutes and see if that is the issue or not.

unfortunately it still happens even tho i disabled all sleep functions on HW.
so it’s not related to that.

Did you disable the sleep settings on any PC ports that the sim is using (controllers etc)?

i have disabled every power saving sleep features that i saw, went through the whole list.

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I had no freezes …. But the pmdg 737 spoiler extending when returning from 30 mins AFK

AFK certainly triggers stuff

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i’ve had this in the fenix and pmdg planes i flew as well.