Sim Freezes when Loading into Airports/Airfields SU5 and WU6

Just wanted to spawn at KSAN. CTD when zooming in on the world map
Can confirm this

plus hongkong lank mark also

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Removed Landmarks London City (By Orbx)
No problems spawning at EGMC

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And add Moscow Landmarks (by Drzewieczki Design) to the list.
Unable to spawn at UUEE Sheremetyevo. After deinstalling through contentmanager, all okay
Man, you saved my live :beers:


Thank you friend! Spent all morning trying to figure out what’s going on. Uninstalling of Moscow Landmarks saved the day. Thanks again!

It is not my merit, I never would have figured this one out.
We all should give a gold medal to ssy523

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I have the same issue, but I can’t use the fly button no matter where, no flights no training nothing all lead to the freezing of the sim

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Thank for opening this bug, I just added my vote to it. I can’t load flight at several of the airports included in premium version of the sim. My description here - Game freezes when spawning at 'Premium' version airports after SU5

Here is another one, however one that does not fit the bill.
Was unable to spawn at LSZH (Freeze).
After simrestart uninstalled Switzerland mesh through content manager. Managed to spawn at LSZH.
Just to crosscheck… redownloaded this addon and could spawn with addon installed. (Hence I withdrew the previous post)
Shut down the sim normally, restarted the sim in the same windows session, and again no go spawning at LSZH. Uninstalled Switzerland Mesh and all okay.
Must admit I am lost now :cry:

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Once again thank you all for posting. The more people report the problem, the less chance Asobo/Microsoft have of saying it’s user error.

This is where I am right now. I have uninstalled Windows 10 Pro, and reinstalled the latest 21H1 update. The only drivers I have installed are GeForce Experience as I want the latest drivers for my 1080. The LAN Drivers for my Asus Maximus Ranger VIII Z170 board as I need the download speed. And of course Google Chrome (I mean who doesn’t). That is it. I have a freshly formatted M.2 SSD ready to receive MSFS2020

When I install MSFS2020 I will only install the Standard Base Package (as I own the Premium Deluxe version). Nothing else so it is completely Vanilla. All I have plugged into my PC is a mouse and keyboard.

So barring anything I have missed, the installation will be completely stock, so if it does freeze again it can only be Update 5 causing the issue. No 3rd party scenery, no hardware, no other programs conflicting with the update 5.

The only issue now is reinstalling MSFS2020. I’m frightened to do it in case it freezes again, because if it does, I’m likely to go round the Off Licence and buy a bottle of Gin. And I haven’t drank alcohol for the last 25 years lol :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I will report back as soon as I have some results.

As an aside, my issues happened all over the globe, with various aircraft with 6 packs and glass cockpits. As others have described, I could load into an airfield and fly around, then load another airfield and freeze. I would then load into an airport nearby the one that froze, fly to this frozen airfield, land, go back to map, and load into the frozen airfield no problems at all. Come out of the game, go back to the airfield that initially froze, and its once again frozen at 50%. This is why it is so hard to nail down, as its completely random. You can force it to load the whole way, but its some right messing about to do so.

Anyway you will hear from me soon :confounded: :+1: :crossed_fingers:


I have an issue with just two airports. They are Southend and London City. Both are by Orbyx but were purchased through Marketplace. When I click on Fly Now the loading bar gets to halfway and then freezes and I then have to reboot. I have other Orbyx add-ons and airports that I have no issue with but they were all bought through Orbyx Central directly.

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I solved that by uninstalling Landmarks London City ,also by Orbx :wink:. Could spawn at EGMC again with the addon removed

This is fast becoming another microsoft flight sim ■■■■■■, promise you the world only to find you have spent loads of money for nothing when you should of stayed with Xplane 11, every time i play this there is something wrong, mouse not working, atc not working, the list goes on, 3 times i have uninstalled and reinstalled. Everytime they do an update 3rd party products stop working for one reason or another and they have to sort it out…


I believe I have isolated the eternal loading bar problem when attempting to initiate a flight from the world map. For me it appears to be the Seasons Packs from Bijan Habashi. I purchased and installed both of these from the Market Place. Remove the files from the … LocalCache>Packages>Official>OneStore>bijan-summer-winter. If I reinstall the package from Market Place the flights will continue to load properly. It is when the sim is exited and restarted that the flights once again fail to load properly and hang up with the eternal blue line. Removing the mods permanently has solved my loading issues.

Hey guys, FWIW. I found that spawning at an airport close by - but not too close - then going back to the main screen and spawning at the desired airport will get it done. I know, it’s really tedious to proceed like this but perhaps the MSFS / Asobo “team” will stop treating the PC simmers like red-headed step children. I doubt it now that Xbox / MSFS has launched.

Yes, you are right. The rule is not only for World Update 1~5.
Switzerland is also need to be included.
One clear thing is that SU5 conflicts with many mods.
And, this conflicts affect the next other airport loading. And the solution would be deleting mods in content manager.
Thank you. :wink:

I have unloaded everything on the marketplace that is not Asobo or Microsoft…. All my freezes and CTD’s have stopped! I’m convinced 3rd party and SU5 do not play well together at the moment


So I assume you own the Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times. Did you purchase Hong Kong City Times from the MSFS marketplace or from an external website (ie. Orbx, Simmarket?). It appears that if you purchased from the MSFS marketplace, you may have problems loading a flight and it freezes. People that purchased Hong Kong City Times from an external website and placed it in the Community folder don’t have any problems.

If you could let me know where you purchased Hong Kong City Times, that would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi all. Some of us that purchased the Hong Kong scenery pack from Sam Scene 3D from the MSFS marketplace will freeze when we load a flight. However, people that purchased the same Hong Kong scenery pack by Sam Scene 3D from external websites (Orbx, Simmarket) and then place those sceneries in the Community folder can load a flight fine. It appears there are other people in this thread that can’t load a flight if they purchased a scenery (usually a landmark scenery) from the MSFS marketplace.

Some of us that purchased the Hong Kong scenery pack from Sam Scene 3D from the MSFS marketplace will freeze when we load a flight. However, people that purchased the same Hong Kong scenery pack by Sam Scene 3D from external websites (Orbx, Simmarket) and then place those sceneries in the Community folder can load a flight fine. I wonder if it’s specific scenery purchased in the MSFS marketplace that are causing this problem.