Sim freezes while going back to the main menu

My Sim freezes most of the time after I try to go back to the main menu from the flight page. The loading bar loads till the end but nothing happens from there. In these cases I have to stall the sim via task manager and reload it completely which is very time consuming. There is no pattern in it that I could observe to help me find a cause or a solution. Because of this an ingame access to change your aircraft, location etc. comes in very handy.

exactly the same issue here since two months ago. Did you find a solution?
To make it more worse for me, I have to reinstall the flight sim now each time after a flight because it does not go back to the main menu.

Sorry, I can’t help. The problem suddenly disappeared for me. No clue how. :man_shrugging:

Yes totally new, never ever happen before, CTD when going back to “MENY”!!! (after landing with TBM on a Bridge in Miami)

Same issue here since SU10. 9 out of 10 times the sim hangs when returning to menu. after over 1 hour of waiting killed the process manually. I noticed sometimes it uses almost 100% of my Vram and GPU too when it hangs.

PC specs:
I9 11900KF
Nvidia 3090 FE
32Gig 3200mhz Ram

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