Sim has been running for 72 hours

With one monitor on, a low end PC at idle on Win 10, 140 watts. I’ll look and see what the pull is when MSFS is running a bit later.
Update: PC is running about 230 watts with MSFS running, C172 , in air at KPNS (Pensacola, FL) only light traffic in the distance, no local airport traffic, 1920 x 1080 res and about 35 fps. Running smooth on this old PC.

I’m paying € 0,73 per KWhr. This Sim only costs me around €125 per month these day’s. Very sad…

there’s a good youtube around on how to undervolt your system. It works way better on my rig FPS wise too.

Wow! That is a lot. New York electric rates are considered terrible here in the US but we are still under .40. Maybe more short flights?

Thanks, didn’t think of that! I just watched this one:

Shorter means more time to have the sim “open” while on longer flights you can have it longer in the background and that saves power consumption. But still a pain :slight_smile:

I watched that one too. I’m currently keeping my GPU at these settings and it has been working very well these past three weeks. (RTX2060)

Went I was doing long haul flight in the past, I set:
Windows Power Plan - Power saver
GPU Power Limit - 50%

The game did get choppy but since I’m barely looking at it, I don’t mind it being a slideshow.

I do a lot of long hauls, usually overnight. I’m running Throttlestop and also limiting FPS with RivaTuner.

As I reach cruising altitude (or go to sleep) I set Throttlestop to cut the CPU turbo and RivaTuner to max 20 FPS. This makes the computer cool and quiet, and likely saving electricity.

When time for descent or approach I switch things back to make the sim smooth again…

Thanks for sharing. I don’t do any flights long enough to need that and typically fly when awake or day time.

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