Sim now seems incapable of rendering overcast consistently or accurately using live weather

I’m starting to think the new METAR weather is a branch of an older version that was modified for integrating METAR weather while the other branch was used for SU6.

For two days now, I’m occasionally loading into the sim with no live weather, barometer at 29.92 and wind is 223@3 kts. Sound familiar?

Add to that the MSL cloud bases and we seem to be back to where we were before the weather was updated for SU5.

Now, instead of launching the sim directly into live weather, I’m doing the old trick of launching with clear skies and once the sim loads, enabling live weather. It seems to be solving the problem of 29.92 and 223@3 kts.

I can’t believe we are dealing with the same problems from serveral versions back with a new SU7 update unless an older branch was used to develop the METAR weather and interim changes were not added to the branch before release. Seems to be an explanation of why we have been retrograded to some of the past weather bugs.


MSFS… :man_shrugging:

Just voted. Finger crossed we hear from them soon! I wonder if this is a remote problem (weather servers) or local ( game coding ) only fixable with another patch.

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Whilst I have seen some pretty nice OVC conditions in the past couple of days, today it seems incapable again:

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Very disappointing.

Would hope that this topic would gather more votes, thanks for your contribution!


Yeah I don’t understand it either. But I remember back when we were trying for so long to solve the issue where the sim would load in weather for 12 hours advance at a certain time of day.

It took us weeks to finally track down that bug, get the info the the devs and get it fixed. But so many users weren’t even aware of it. I think that’s half the trouble here, there’s so many users who just load up and fly and don’t care what the weather out the window looks like as long as it’s pretty. So they don’t realise the inaccuracies or the bugs

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I think you are right unfortunately. I would guess that about 50% of users - probably including the testers at Asobo - fly only with pre-set weather. I used to love seeing the overcast layers stretch as far as the eye can see - one of the best features of the sim up until now.


Yep same here, the overcast was beautifully done before. Currently in the state it’s in, I can load up in XP or P3D and have a better representation of overcast weather


Judging by what’s going on in MSFS if you play “online,” the vast majority of users, like 99% probably, just want to buzz around airports in an F18 or tool around a bit in a prop. I’d bet a very small percentage of these users even care about weather at all.

I think you are right, and this unfortunately is their core target audience now. Such a shame.

Even though live weather functionality has somewhat returned, sim is still incapable of drawing overcast. So sick of this now.


Truly awful isn’t it. I hope this thread gathers some more momentum and we see a “bug logged” tag next to it soon.


The entire depiction of weather just looks an absolute mess and not even accurate to the METAR


Well, apart from the fact that it looks like “nothing”, it doesn’t really correspond to this (I can’t write it any more) METAR either, that’s what I’m pointing out here across the forums (together with you all of course). The best are reports, well, “I flew there and there and the clouds looked quite nice anyway” :lying_face: :nauseated_face: :roll_eyes:… they are supposed to be believable, realistic (if that’s the right word), impressive and sometimes scary…so that you think twice about flying through them - that’s flight simulation ! and they don’t have to, and they never will, neither with METAR nor with forecast ,correspond to what you see in IRL, but that’s not the point !
And to be able to use it “online” the basic data like visibility (fog, haze and whatever, but only if it works), wind, temperature, pressure should be correct, if necessary !
But I don’t want to repeat myself over and over again, nor write, nor start MSFS.
I come in here every hour and I actually want to read: “Hey cool the look from before is back - with improved local data and the SIM is usable again” (I hope that’s not too much to ask)!

Better get writing to Santa Claus :wink:

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Τhis thread should be on top. Weather depiction is a utter mess right now. There is not a single stratus cloud in the whole world. Something is very wrong!

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Have not seen any clouds like this anywhere at all since SU7.


These screenshots were captured near release date August 2020. This was what live weather was about. Seamless transitions and interesting realistic weather conditions around the corner. That’s the main reason I bought MSFS.

Right now, it is November 2021 and there is no cloud variety at all. All I am seeing is the same two cloud types. Cumulus clouds rising from the ground and occasional thin cirrocumulus layers . Nothing in between such as stratus and such. Maybe that’s why the sim can’t draw overcast weather. It is buggy as hell at the moment unfortunately. We need a fix soon (not February).

Near Seattle

Cumulonimbus, stratus, mist/fog layers etc , you can find all sorts of cloud types in a single screenshot.


Agree 100%. But the fact the devs haven’t even acknowledged anything since SU7 makes me think we won’t get any fix for a while

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3rd and last photos are amazing…beautiful sceneries we no longer have.

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