Sim pause when you lock your computer

Hello, I have noticed that when you lock your computer mid flight it pauses the sim, essentially as if you pressed the escape key.

Has anyone discovered a setting or a work around to stop this from happening. On long flights I like to leave the computer / house with out the spying eyes of my household from accessing my computer with out my knowledge.

My last topic got locked after 4 months with no reply, so he’s to try again.

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Have you tried disabling Auto-Lock in Windows 10?

If auto lock doesn’t do anything more that WIN+L, which I can’t see how it could, the sim would still pause.

Well I WANT my computer to be locked but I DON’T want the sim to pause while it’s locked. On Xplane 11 I could fly a long haul flight run off, lock the PC and know the plane is still flying. The idea is, I can lock my computer with out having to worry about people snooping on my computer.

There’s also less sinister motivations like having discord automatically start sending notifications to your phone as soon as your PC is locked ETC ETC.

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Then I have no idea either, unfortunately. Sorry.

How come people play the game to go AFK? Its kinda like saying i wanna go on a scenic walk but keep my eyes closed.


It’s nothing like it, if you play vatsim and do long haul flights across the atlantic or flying at night you’ll understand.

What you you expect the game to do when you lock the PC? If all you want is the DISPLAY to be off, then set a screensaver for TURN OFF DISPLAY and set a password to resume.

Not sure i would, generally when i play a game i want to play it. To each their own i guess but i do find it unusual.

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Which is a lock screen…

I expect it to run in the same was as Xplane 11 and other online games and keep on running in the background.

Not on my PC anyway. Maybe I should have said a SS set a BLANK SCREEN instead. But, whatever.

It doesn’t really do this. I had a similar issue - on P3D, I would do long haul flights by minimizing the window. This frees up the GPU and CPU and my computer would run cool and quiet while I did other things. When I needed to take control again, simply maximizing the window would get it back.

I can minimize FS 2020, but it continues to use exactly the same amount of CPU/GPU. It’s something to do with how it runs in a composited borderless fullscreen mode, so no matter how you change the window size, the game is still rendering each frame at whatever resolution you set.

I suspect that this may also be why it pauses the game when Windows locks the screen.


Thank you for all your answers thus far, I assume there’s no work around then at the moment.

IN RL, I certainly hope real pilots don’t try to leave the cockpit and hope the plane will fly on and on and on without someone paying attention to what is going on with the systems. Why fly the sim at all, if you want to let it do it and not pay attention to what is going on in the plane. Are you one of the people who set cruise control in their car and assume it will drive itself?

Why waste your time, it makes no sense and yes I get long flights over the pond, or pacific, etc. ■■■■ happens in real life, which could knock you out of the sky, so you really should be paying attention to the systems. OK, MTCW.

Lol I asked a simple question for a quality of life improvement to see if I could make the program behave like Xplane 11 so see if the SIM could still run in the background with the computer locked for a while.

I don’t need a bunch of people giving their two cents on how i am playing the game incorrectly, thank you anyway though.


In reallife pilots do not have to help their children, walk the dog, make dinner, etc. etc. etc. Now I’m not a long hauler myself, but I guess the charm of it is the following of procedures, take off and landings. The bit inbetween is probably not so entertaining. Anyway, everybody is entitled to their own fun.


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Since the previous topic was closed:

Same situation, had to help someone around the house and pc got into lock (can be done manually using WIN+L). Unfortunately the flight paused for the whole time.
Would be nice to have an option to continue (it is equal to pressing escape, no active pause!).

Considering the remark of @StarlessLion50: A tip for reducing GPU use while flying and being away is to look at your seat, this way there is a minimum amount of changing graphics. Not looking outside or at your glass cockpit panels.


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