Sim Rate Option in Dev Options

Sim Rate is something that I can imagine not many people would use, but I would like to request for an option to be added to the developer options for a simple click to increase or decrease the sim rate.

It is especially helpful for folks like me who use sim rate to our advantage for filming in slow motion then speeding up the clip to create smooth shots.

@MarkRWatney that is a different wishlist item than the one meant here

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Hi there,
Could you help me understand this a little? When you say “developer options”, are you talking about a menu option in Developer Mode to increase/decrease sim rate?

Yes, in Dev Mode under one of the drop downs, id love to see a way to indicate and change the sim rate. Like how FSX did it would be great but a way to customize the sim rate by typing in a number would be ideal I think.

OK, thanks for the clarification!