Sim showing my VPC MT50 CM2 Throttle three times

How do I delete my throttle from showing up as three diff devices three times,in settings panel drop down list…I hope I explained issue correct? Thanks in advance

A screenshot might be helpful showing what you’re trying to describe. If you don’t have a screenshot utility, there is a Snip & Sketch one built into Windows 10.

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I’m a VKB user so I have no idea at all about VPC brand, but I noted the throttle has three axes (L/R) and what could be a speedbrake/spoilers lever. I wonder if the sim is seeing all of them independently.

Hopefully other VPC users can help. I edited your title to make it clearer what your problem is.

If all three are duplicates, then you can delete the other two using the “Preset Manager” found on the left of the bottom tool bar while in Controls Options.