Sim stuck on sign in screen

I would think so but I have never tried.
Everything is tied to your unique gamertag, so as long as permission from your PC is there you should be good to go. .

Oh well never mind, it was worth a try. MS wont let you create another user with the same MS account. Didnt want to play on FS anyway. Perhaps I’ll just wait until the new version comes out, if I live that long!

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I looked for this on various websites including youtube and solved it using to use the windows update blocker.

It’s good you found something that works, but be aware that you may eventually not be able to use the sim if you do that.
The sim will change to comply with Windows updates, and if you don’t have the updates you will run into issues.

Its working again now but the xbox app wont update and i keep getting error messages about the microsoft store. I dont care, its working.

Youre right. I’ve found that after windows updates the sim stops working and wants to update the xbox app, which creates an error message and also doesnt work. Dont ask me how it works but what I do is, system restore to the point of the win update, create another PC user, update xbox app on that user, restart PC, login to my usual user, which still creates xbox errors, ignore the errors, opt to not update xbox and FS works. Its a bit of a faff, but at least it keeps me going. Eventually, I’ll probably have to reinstall windows…

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