Sim stutters after multiple sectors

I typically like to fly a few sectors using the Fenix A320 back to back with each sector between 1-2 hours. I don’t return to the menu after a flight but rather start to prepare for the next flight while GSX deboards etc…

After four / five hours, and maybe three sectors or so, the sim seems to stutter when panning around either the flight deck or in external view. It will also stutter at various stages of a flight at this point to the point where the aircraft can be difficult to control.

My settings are;

The sim is running a PC using a AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, RTX 3060, 32GB of RAM (3200MHZ) with MSFS installed on a SSD.

Is this common after several hours of running for the sim?

That sounds very much like the issue that others have been having with longer flights and it hopefully is the same issue, as it should be getting fixed by SU15, next Thursday.

That issue is apparently being solved, in part at least, thanks to a new memory management model that MS/Asobo will be employing.

I may not be correct on this, but maybe see how you go after SU15 is released or even give the beta, which should now be the same as what will be released, a try.

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Thank you for your quick reply and insight. Nice to know I’m not alone in dealing with this and that I don’t have to start making tweaks to my settings etc as that a big rabbit hole to go down.

Yes, it’d probably be best to wait and see what happens with SU15.

I’ve personally not noticed it, as I’ve recently only been doing flights that don’t stretch beyond 2 hours. I also tend to only do one flight per session and will at least go back to the main menu if I ever do more. However, I will need to do some fairly lengthy flights, later on in my tour of the world’s capital cities, so I hope this does get fixed.

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