Sim Update 10 Crash

After, Sim Update 10. I had 3 crashes loading into KFLL. When I was close to the landing, unfortunately the Sim crash on me also before I was about to Touching down into TNCM.

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now when I start my Simulator it won’t start . . . I get error message as follows: ERROR

You missing packages that are essential to run Microsoft Flight Simulator Please update application & try again.

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If you are on Console. Close the game fully and try to restart you console or if you are on PC try to do the same.

Thanks , I have tried that . . . no help.
My Community File is Empty . . . all my files or most of them are in One Store File . . . the top file . . . fscontent is empty ? ! I don’t think it was there before or if it was . . . it was not empty. Not sure if that all helps or not . . . I have been using Microsoft Flight Simulator on this computer for two years with no big issues. I have downloaded, ie, bought several airport improvements, airplanes, scenery, etc. Is all this stored in cloud or not . . . . should I maybe delete entire program and start over ! ? It now has used about 258 gigs . . . I have a gamming computer that has a 1000 gigs available. Thanks This all occured after I did an update on 21st. ?

After the most recent update a few days ago PC Store version of MSFS crashes over and over. I can fly in safe mode for a while before it crashes. In normal mode it locks up trying to do a free flight. On bush trips it locks or crashes at the end of a leg when selecting Continue. However, if I go back to the Main Menu in safe mode and then go back to that bush trip, I can begin at the next leg. Sim places plane at the starting edge of the runway even though the prior leg was farther down the runway. BTW: Sim is run on a PC download from MS Store, not Steam. Community folder is empty. I did not have these problems prior to the latest madatory update on 9/21/2022.

Thanks for Info ! My sim is also downloaded through Microsoft Store . . . . sounds like that mandatory update on 21at of month messed things up !

Also, I think I’m going to uninstall and start over . . . . my community file is also empty except for recently added ( one month ago ) PMDG 737-600. I just hope I don’t lose a lot of my recent purchases and settings in the process.

Is there a hotfix underway for this?

Let’s hope because I have an issue trying to load the game without it crashing on me and taking me the dashboard and closes the game.

I too have the same problem when finishing a Bush Flight Leg. If I hit Continue MSFS crashes directly to desktop with no info as to why. This only happens when I select Continue. If I select any of the other options and go back to Main Menu or Activities menu, everything works as expected. I would like to know when this is going to be fixed. My work around is easy. Just go back to the Main or Activity menu and pick the next leg. It just adds more time to getting on with the next leg.