Sim Update 10

Has there been any news on when SU10 is set to be released?

Also, will it improve performance of the sim?

Here’s a tip for you and all others who feel the need to constantly make new threads like this when the answer is there if they did just a little bit of their own research on this forum:

read the dev updates, they outline the schedule for the next couple months on every week’s update, so yes we have known about SU10’s release date for AT LEAST a month now.

Edit: Strangely there was no roadmap on yesterday’s update so that is weird. There was one on each of the previous ones though…


Some people are too busy and don’t have the time to search for everything everywhere or simply don’t know where too look. Here’s a tip for you, if you know where the info is, then why not post a link rather than just tell people to go and find it thereselves. That’s what forums are for


Hear hear :+1:if someones post annoys me I simply ignore it .If I know the anwer to a question I simply answer it,I try to avoid being preachy…


I think things around SU10 will be communicated after “that top gun movie free DLC” is released. It should be a longer beta period I expect, given the 4 weeks of beta for SU9 still came up short of the mark. With PMDG and Finex and many other highly used 3rd party addons in the mix, hopefully a thorough beta will happen. They should really stop focusing on deadlines for Sim Updates (World updates seem far less disruptive so far) and solely focus on 1 thing - STABILITY FOR ALL


Hello, Recent development update roadmaps end in June. I recall in the Dev Q and A that SU10 would come out in July but there has not been any official announcement that I am aware of.
Concerning performance I hope Nvidia DLSS will make a difference.
Happy flying - John

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If you subscribe to the Announcement category, they will send you regular emails for any topics being posted under Announcement, so all the news about the sim directly from the developer will go straight to your inbox.

That way, you don’t need to search for anything. They’ll keep you updated with any news about the sim.


@Neo4316 post explains how you will be notified of upcoming Sim Update Beta availability.

XBOX users need it as soon as possible !

A lot of users having CTD. And the users that do not have CTD, have panel screen freezing (it happens for ALL XBox users), autopilot and navigation issues!
If they solve it, would be excellent!

For those urgent matters Asobo will release hotfixes so you do not have to wait 2 months for SU10. I believe in the last dev update that they are working on it and hope to have it really soon out to you guys.

Solution selected and posted.