Sim Update 15 Beta ( - May 1, 2024


If you are playing on PC, outdated packages in your community folder may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior.
If you suffer from stability issues or long loading times, move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title.

How to install a new update safely

Known Issue

  • We are aware of the WASM issue preventing you from flying many add-on planes, as well as the performance and stability reports on Xbox. The team is working to address these issues for the next beta build.


Various peripheral fixes

  • Fixed Default mapping missing for older VirtualFly peripherals



  • Fixed the User Lights tool
  • Fixed scaling with the gizmo in the Scenery Editor

Airbus A320neo V2


  • Fixed - [VNAV] When in OPEN DES managed speed ended up below VDEV.
  • Fixed - Chrono switch stays at RST, should go back to STP.
  • Fixed - Window arrow doing 360 spin when passing 360 degrees.
  • Fixed - Radios functioning even when OFF.
  • Fixed - When you get A.FLOOR coming on and you disable the A/THR using the A/THR FCU button the next time you go into A.FLOOR the A/THR will automatically command TOGA again and display A.FLOOR.
  • Fixed - ADF Bearing Pointer does not work.
  • Improved – LNAV behaviour turn with arc.
  • Fixed - IRS page changes.
  • Fixed - Thales V2 ISIS has some Thales V1 ISIS Elements.
  • Fixed - Not in database message missing.
  • Fixed - MCDU PERF CRZ page, pressing “STEP ALTS>” goes to NEW NAVAID definition page.
  • Fixed - On the ground YELLOW ENG PUMP off and ELEC PUMP off PTU is not active which is not the case parking brake off in this case.
  • Fixed - Further improvements to taxi lights.
  • Fixed - Brake temperature improvements.
  • Fixed - When in OPEN DES managed speed I ended up below VDEV I pressed managed DES aircraft climbed to get back on profile.
  • Fixed - [ADO] Radios do not allow for RX on VATSIM and have issues with RX on Comm 2 in normal sim.
  • Fixed - [ADO] [MCDU] Fuel Pred Page Issues.
  • Fixed – Numerous WASM Crashes.
  • Fixed - INIT B ZFWCG auto populates with GWCG instead.
  • Fixed - Typo in NON-PRECISION APPROACH (TRK/FPA) sim checklist.
  • Fixed - MCDU & PERF modes do not reset on turnaround.
  • Fixed - SPEED BRK indication on engine start.
  • Fixed - When in flight and going to OPEN DES OPEN CLB the initial pitch is very aggressive compared to other modes and seems to peak well over the G limit for the given mode.
  • Fixed - On descent, Alt Magenta/Alt Blue sometimes doesn‘t appear as intended.
  • Fixed - CTR tank not loading on A320 NEO.
  • Fixed - RETRACT SPD BRK msg on PFD+MCDU stuck even after brakes retracted.
  • Fixed - Overlapping altn/time and out of place value for altn.
  • Fixed - Wheel when above 100c should show green arc above hottest break at the moment shows no green arc.
  • Fixed - [RNAV] when approach phase activated the VDEV dot should be removed.
  • Fixed - TO ECAM memo appears on landing.
  • Fixed - When one of the inner tanks gets below the threshold to trigger outer transfer it starts both even if the other is not below the set threshold. This stops the imbalance that some people are seeing.
  • Typo is present in RNAV Approach checklist – Fixed
  • SEC FLPN CONF setting should be separated – Fixed
  • VQPR Complex RNAV approach – Fixed
  • When less than 600ft and you try OPEN DES you get a massive fly down command on the FDs – Fixed
  • ADF Bearing Pointer does not work – Fixed
  • Unable to manually tune VOR 1 or 2 with frequency – Fixed
  • Pitch Trim too sensitive – Fixed
  • Jumpy FPV on the ground – Fixed
  • When DECLL point is on an ARC it waits until ARC segment end to change speed target – Fixed
  • ET does not pause with xbox in sleep mode – Fixed
  • OUTER TK memo even after tranfer is Zero – Fixed
  • FMA boxes on CLB detent and SPEED bug – Fixed
  • When less than 500ft you can’t go OPEN DES OPEN CLB. No limit to when these can be used in real aircraft – Fixed
  • HYD failure ECAM bug on single engine taxi – Fixed
  • THR IDLE SPEED FMA flashing at TOD bug – Fixed
  • Approach selection issue when you have a STAR or SID selected bug – Fixed
  • When dropping out of NAV so mode reversion should command current V/S currently commands V/S 0 – Fixed
  • FPLN Flight Plan Page EFOB does not match FUEL PRED EFOB – Fixed
  • Radios do not allow for RX on VATSIM and have issues with RX on Comm 2 in normal sim – Fixed
  • SEC F-Plan Init page has overlap – Fixed
  • IRS page in FMS changes – Fixed
  • Speed brakes behavior feedback – Fixed
  • Missing S-Speed indicator on PFD speed tape on departure – Fixed
  • EFB Takeoff Perf Page - Weight Field - Wrong Value Import (Imperial-lbs only) – Fixed
  • Flight model and avionics freeze/break sometimes when inputting/editing flight plans – Fixed
  • When on geometric segment but BELOW PATH still should go down -1000 fpm as it’s not on the path anymore – Fixed
  • Engine fire PB pops out without first releasing the guard – Fixed
  • Incorrect instructions for Exterior Lights in the Parking Checklist – Fixed
  • Larger nullzones for CL / FLX MCT / TOGA detents
  • ‘Arrival information’ instruction in the checklist suggests selecting SID instead of STAR – Fixed
  • Barometer reference tooltips are opposite to their behaviour – Fixed
  • ECAM for THR LVRs colour improved
  • When loading in cold and dark turning on EXT power is not powering the DC busses so aircraft is half powerd up – Fixed
  • Cannot enter Underscore into simbrief username. recommend using pilot ID from Simbrief/navigraph instead - Fixed
  • Taxi light not bright – Fixed


  • Fixed - Thales V2 ISIS has some Thales V1 ISIS Elements.
  • Fixed - [LIGHTS] Taxi light way too bright compared to landing lights.
  • Fixed - Minor alterations to engine sound mixing.
  • Fixed - [ART] The rear strobe light does not light up the ground like you’d expect, and only seems to light up the APU exhaust.
  • Fixed - Some liveries have only LOD 0.
  • Fixed - There is noticeable LOD change between level 0 and 1 for Pacifica Livery.
  • Fixed - External Cam - Cockpit instruments pink at certain zoom levels.
  • Fixed - [ART] External View - Pilot & Cockpit Windows Model disappearing at certain LOD levels.
  • Fixed – [Enhanced] Cabin lights are not visible from the exterior when the Camera is close to the aircraft.
  • Pacifica livery LOD issues rectified.
  • New vents on modern Airbus A320neo added


  • Fixed - Tweaks to reduce audio beating effect at various phases of flight.
  • Fixed - General engine mixing improvements.
  • Tweaks to reduce audio beating effect at various phases of flight.
  • General engine mixing improvements.
  • Adjusted all sounds to be compliant with MS SDK rules


  • Fixed - EFB Throttle Calibration Page - Pressing RESET CALIBRATION does not give any alert/confirmation notification.
  • Fixed - TAIL NUMBER & SELCAL reset randomly mid-flight.
  • Fixed - Wrong CG value being inputted.


  • Fixed - Typo in NON-PRECISION APPROACH (TRK/FPA) sim checklist.
  • Fixed - ATC doesn’t respect custom tail number / callsign.
  • Fixed - Aircraft’s type not identified when requesting Flight Following from ATC.
  • Fixed - EFB Throttle Calibration Page - Pressing RESET CALIBRATION does not give any alert/confirmation notification.
  • Fixed - Hangar description is not translated


  • Fixed - Fuel Flow gauges and MFD indications do not match.
  • New throttle calibration function added.
  • Fixed - Large pitch oscillation when unpausing while AP is active.
  • Fixed - [Audio] Unable to hear nearby A310 when in cockpit camera.

Known Issues

  • There is a current issue with throttle calibration which will be fixed in the next package.