Sim Update 15: Delayed

Due to new issues discovered in last week’s Sim Update 15 beta build (WASM “missing content” error, Xbox stuttering/freezing), SU15 will no longer release on 5/7 as we continue to investigate and work towards resolution.

Today, participants in the SU15 beta will receive a new update ( which fixes the WASM “missing content” error introduced in as well as a handful of other issues (including DX12 aerial pop-in).

We are continuing to investigate the Xbox stuttering/freezing issue, which is related to the recent GDK update. In the interim, enabling rolling cache (instructions below) should reduce the likelihood of encountering stuttering/freezing for most simmers on Xbox. Please note this is not a fix for the issue, and it is still possible to encounter it with rolling cache enabled.

We aim to have a fix for the Xbox freezing/stuttering issue by next week (which will be flighted as soon as possible). Our sincere thanks to everyone who raised these issues and provided detailed repro steps. Your information has been a huge help in our investigation thus far.

How to Enable Rolling Cache on Xbox:

  1. From the title menu, navigate to General Options > Data > Rolling Cache Settings.
  2. Set Rolling Cache to ON
  3. For the Rolling Cache Limit, we recommend 8 GIB or better.

Sim Update 15 Beta Release Notes coming out today: