Sim Update 3 issues? I found some fixes that really smoothed it out

Hey guys,

This is little bit to read, but I hope it helps some of you that are ready to burn your PC after this last update. I know I was and I just built this Rig. And it was only built so I could run FS2020.

First off here is what I am running:
My specs:

i9 10850K (OC’d)
64GB DDR3600 OC’d to 4200 (I believe)
Asus ROG Strix Z-490E MB
RTX 3090 FE
Oculus Rift S

Nvidia software: 457.30
Oculus Software: Version 27 (There is a reason for this)

After Sim Update 3, I suffered MASSIVE stutters and FPS issues. I think Asobo threw this update out without doing all of the proper testing. if you notice, while in VR, the menus and airport names use the resolution set for the PC, NOT VR. Thats why the menus (VRF, Weather, etc) and airport names on the world map and while in flight all look terrible…UNLESS you have your monitor on a decent res. I found that I would have to turn down the resolution on my monitor to get a little bump in FPS while in VR (After all I really only use VR anyway) I tested it and I found when I brought the monitor resolution to 1920X1080 the menus and airport names then appeared perfectly fine.

Also my Rift S had horrible white flashes much more frequent after the update. I then turned on Beta and downloaded V27 and the white flashes are gone.

I kept researching and testing. I found that these Invidia settings (Below) had a HUGE positive impact on performance. No more stutters and huge FPS loss. I now find that my flights are really smooth. Almost better then before the update. I hope this helps my fellow pilots and makes FS2020 enjoyable again.

Also, this is without using Oculus Debug ,Oculus Tray Tool or the Oculus CLI tools.

Happy Flying! !



As far as I love MSFS the game is to blame a lot, sorry to say that. Each release and we have to spend time once again to fight with settings to find something flyable. They introduced many new bugs and regression with this new release. As said by OP, now we have a mix between the PC and the VR settings which collide each other (that was a bug we had in December and fixed in January). E.g. my PC RenderScale always go back to 70 which is my VR settings. I have one menu sentence about “Faune” not translated in french anymore and showing a kind of debug_text instead. We have a memory leak or equivalent filling memories at high speed so even the menu fall to 10fps and only way to push later the problem is to manually raise windows swapfile. If you have any opened windows like navmap before switching in VR you may crash (Oculus users at least), one of my 8 cores are now loaded at 100% with other a 10%, whatever settings I use and the Sim lag like hell, etc. (lot of other regression, I don’t want to fill here all negativeness other found too).

All that is brand new from last update, and Devs acknowledged the vast majorities of those problems, so we have to be patient and they will fix them.

So thanks OP for those new settings, I will test to try to retrieve my beloved Sim, because for now, it’s just broken for my VR sessions.


When you say something like that, you have to wonder if you should have the title of “Tech Alpha Insider”. A lot of people experience problems with performance and you act like it doesn’t exist. It is quite right that people criticize the game and the way in which updates are implemented without (properly) testing.


Sorry, didn’t get anything “wrong”. Have a dedicated $7,000 flight sim rig. NOTHING changed except update Frame rate in specific reproducible areas tanked from 60s to teens (over ocean). Given the amount of forum resources on this topic it’s a real problem.


Same as you. Still many issues. But thanks very much. Glad it worked out for you.


BS - getting 18% on GPU and 55% on CPU with i7-10700 and 1660ti which has been maxed out until this Sim 3 update. If I changed nothing - IT IS THE GAME, and “game it is” when I was hoping for a flight simulator.

Nice flight this am with the King Air: getting 17 fps whereas before update I got 37-42. With CPU at 55-60%m why was the GPU sitting on its butt? Again, no changes from me since the FS Beta.

Compete horse puckey. MS/Asobo screwed the pooch big time!


This sim has a SLEW of problems, but I too (CK SURFGIRL) at least found the game playable before the update. AGAIN, BEFORE the update…and NOTHING changed on my rig, EXCEPT the update.

Like I said though, I did find a few things that at least made it playable again for me, and I wanted to pass them on to other pilots to try. At least until hopefully ASOBO tries to do something to make the sim enjoyable again.


Yes… I am certainly very confused about Sim Update 3 linkage of VR pop-up/text resolution to the 2D PC screen…

It just makes no sense to me. As you say, the update must have been rushed out without checking its impact in VR. Using a Rift S together with v27 and a RTX 2070S running v457.30, I found that I could only eliminate the flashing phenomenon when using OTT to clamp the frame rate to 30Hz. Thanks for your nvidia settings though.


The “Tech Alpha Insider” has nothing to do with anything current in MSFS. Members with this title were in a group prior to the release of MSFS and not involved in anything current.

Please keep topics on topic and not on each other.


“Members with this title were in a group prior to the release of MSFS and not involved in anything current.”

Is there no present group testing release candidates as part of the update process?

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I hope this doesn’t matter.
Just saw your exe says something different than mine. Hope I’m using the correct one.
Then again we are on different GPUs
msfs settings

I’m gonna try your workaround this afternoon but with only difference I will set Vsync to fast in NCP and disable Vsync in FS.

Why set vsync to fast? What’s the purpose of that since VR headsets do their own vsync?

I’m not an VR user

Yes there is a big group of release candidate testers, they are called customers.

I think it is a trend: develop software, if you can sell it before it is really finished, the customer will do the testing. Then you listen to the community and create new features and fix bugs based on their feedback. It is really customer oriented but the downside is that development time for new features is not spent on fixing bugs. Also testing is not really done by the developer, the customer is doing this. So while the community is asking for bug fixes AND new features, some bugs are fixed and some features are added. But because testing is done by the community, new bugs are introduced every update.

In my opinion, the upside is that the community has a huge influence in the features of the software and the downside is that the customer actually paying for beta software and there are lots of stability issues. My purpose for MS2020 was to enjoy VR. Even though my machine is high spec, I have a hard time getting a reasonable VR experience. It takes a lot of time and energy to configure everything (OpenXR, WMR, Nvidia settings, driver versions, FS2020 settings) and when it is sort of working, an update from driver, flight sim or windows can have you investigating and tweaking all over again.
It’s almost like trying to please everyone results in a less pleasant experience for a lot of people.

Maybe we as customers should unite and not request new features anymore, just request bug fixes and performance fixes. I rather have acceptable performance and less bugs now and updated France and Benelux later than updated France and Benelux now and still no performance with some fixed bugs and some newly introduced bugs. Maybe we should organize a poll?


Appreciate the performance tips but there is a deep issue with the software itself and none of these tweaks make any difference.

Brand new 3070 build here, Ryzen 5600x, 32gb, PCIE 4.0 SSD getting 10fps IN THE MENU after activating VR mode or entering the settings page.

I have recreated the problem on my older 1660TI system, it’s exactly the same - both of these worked fine before the UK update, I even had the sim running well in VR on the 1660TI with low-med settings at xmas, before these updates.

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Software must be basically free of blocking bugs or repaired as soon as possible by means of a hotfix. You don’t buy a new car that you first have to repair the engine yourself every month in order to drive it.

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As most customers would relate to a product, this product simply does not work.

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Ok. Just FYI this thread is in the VR section in case you’re lost :slight_smile:

So sorry, Im lost :wink: