Sim Update 3 Release Notes Addendum

Hi everyone,

Our team identified several fixes that did not make it to the Patch Notes when Sim Update 3 released, so we would like to provide an addendum to the Release Notes. Please see below.

Note: These are all items that have been tested and fixed previously in Sim Update 3 (


Autopilot / FMS:

  • Use ZULU time instead of LOCAL time for predicted ETA on the Airbus A320neo
  • Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental and Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: TO/GA is no longer always engaged on start
  • Possibility to engage VS mode without having an altitude entered on the Airbus A320neo
  • Autopilot expects an altitude Intervention before it begins changing altitude on the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
  • Fixed FMS never entering descent phase on the Airbus A320neo
  • PFD FMA during roll now displays MAN MCT on the Airbus A320neo
  • SRS mode guides speed during takeoff by changing pitch on the Airbus A320neo
  • Fixed a bug where Managed speed was too high on the Airbus A320neo


  • Added option to display the fuel range in the G1000 MFD map
  • Fixed issues when adding a destination when more than one waypoint was already added to the flightplan
  • Fixed a bug where the approach could be kept loaded after deleting the destination airport from the flightplan
  • Fixed a crash when modifying origin or destination airport in flightplan of Garmin instruments
  • Added display for Nav and Com volume in G1000 when changing them with the appropriate knob
  • Fixed a bug where the DME distance was displayed for stations for which the plane wasn’t receiving the signal
  • Added Mach display for airspeed target and autopilot when in Mach mode in Cessna Longitude
  • Added the possibility to switch off the Synthetic vision in AS3X, AS3X touch, G1000 and G3000
  • Fixed a typo in G1000 PFD Departure selection page saying Arrival instead of Departure
  • Fixed Flight Director not activated when enabling the autopilot
  • Fixed some elements not hiding when changing the current page in Garmin instruments
  • Fixed inverted and out of the 0-360 range indicated VOR radial in GNS530
  • Changed COM frequencies names according to their type in Garmin Instruments pages
  • Fixed Glide Slope annunciations in KAP 140
  • Fixed autopilot defaulting on wrong modes in King Air 350i, DA 40 NG and Bonanza G36
  • Added Track Up and Heading Up orientation options for the MFD map in G3000
  • Added Track Up, Desired Track Up and Heading Up orientation options for the MFD map in G1000
  • Fixed a bug in Garmin equipped planes where activating a leg in an active approach may activate the wrong leg
  • Added “No Wind Data” instead of the fast rotating arrow when wind speed is near 0 in G1000
  • Fixed max Mach speed using the wrong simvar in Garmin instruments
  • Added possibility to add Destination, Enroute and Origin waypoints in whatever order without the first entered becoming the origin in G3000, G5000 and G3X Touch
  • Removed parasite inputs on tactile screens coming from middle and right mouse clicks
  • Added OBS mode in G1000
  • Fixed a bug where the station ID of tuned NAV radio was displayed even if no signal was received by the plane
  • G1000: Direct-To page is now prefilled with Waypoint info when pressing Direct-To softkey with a highlighted waypoint
  • Fixed HSI color on the Airbus A320neo
  • Minor MCDU color fixes on the Airbus A320neo
  • MCDU PERF page minor fixes on the Airbus A320neo
  • USR waypoint no longer flickers on map on the Airbus A320neo


  • Fixed missing instrumentation colored arcs on the Zlin Shock Ultra

Flight model:

  • Fixed Flight Design CTLSCG position
  • Diamond DV20 Flight model adjustment
  • Flight model adjustments on flaps and stall speed on the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner