Sim Update 4 testing sign ups

I want to sign-up… but I’m on Steam version…

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When did you use MSFS for the last time?
I didn’t have to update MSFS after joining no update available either, it started as usual.

I lost part of logbook flights. The overall hours that I had close to 300 hours disappeared.

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I havent got any problems, but when i click on open in MS Store it run my version of the sim. I dont install that gib… Looks weird.

After the accept of invite i press on open in MS Store.

Then i click on play

And the sim doesnt do any update; My playtime is ok; same for the communty folder…


Am i missing somethings?

So, the 173 GB has loaded overnight. My profil looks good. The community folder is empty (no CRJ anymore!) What’s next? Waiting for the update or is there a need to go again into the insider hub?

Don’t forget - for those of us that didn’t have MSFS content stored on a separate drive/folder and had to download the full 173gb, don’t forget you’ll need to re-download all marketplace content too - including world updates.

Nope, nothing to do now until 12th, when the beta is released and you’ll see a new section on the forum

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Yes, wait for the update - due on the 12th

Yes, FAQ.

An update for Microsoft Flight Simulator will become available for you on May 12th and can be downloaded through the Store app. This update must be installed to access the test.

Exactly, if yor msfs is wiped you must download again WU, freeware EDLP, liveries via content manager.

All Bush Trip progress wiped… why are saves not backed up to Cloud. It’s 2021!

Sad to hear that some progress got wiped for some users.
I think, for the future there should be some clear instructions in how to install the Beta correctly and what the downsides are if you do it the wrong way.

As far as i understood, it only wipes content and progress if one doesnt select the same path as the current installation?

I don’t believe there is a “wrong way” - I was involved in previous testing and did not have this issue. Something has gone very wrong here.

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No, new installation into the original path. Msfs Content was wiped out during installation of the msstore files.

Is sign up only available fro MS Store versions of the simulator?

yes, it is

How i can sign up? I have MS Store version, but no any info in Insider Hub

Guess its too late now, was only for the first 300.

Yeap I guess the same, this is why I don’t have any message in my Xbox Insider I believe…

Strange thing. Limiting those who want to test the product. How many of these 300 will write bug reports?


I hope that those who sign up are people who are experienced sim pilots.