Sim update 6 won't work but not for the reason you might suspect

So I am on microsoft store version and I was updating to Sim update 6 when after I updated the sim from the Microsoft store I went into the sim to update it there when about 2-3 out of the 233 packages in it says Connection lost- check your internet connection. This then prevents me from updating the game. My internet is at full bars, and works on google for all devices on it. I don’t have a different network to try is this a microsoft thing or do I need to set something in the sim settings to allow it full internet access plz help thanks.

I think this is the error I’m getting too. Does it say something about authentication failure?

Same here :\

same cant log in to the server at my end…just updated the game to

yes it has the red warning above the normal warning sign. I also just restarted my computer and disconnect and reconnected to my wifi and nothing worked.

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I feel like this might be an issue to do with the servers having so much demand. Try again in a few hours.

its possible, but that wouldn’t make much sense since its everyones individual internet. Right or do they go to some central server that is not on your internet to get the online aspect. if so that is very dumb.

Same here. Gets to 1 or 3% then fails.

Repaired game, restarted, nothing.

Busted AF.

Be patient - time for Netflix :wink:

The same here in Portugal

Hey guys me too. And it’s 18:42 USA EST now. Any ideas, again, this distribution method is the biggest PIA/CF on this planet. Make a website, make users registered users of game, create secure credentials, and allow us to LOGIN to that website and download the necessary updates. Even windows updates, I have to TELL machine to get them at my option. I can play game without update it seems, but really not so sure. Going back to make XP-11 work for my C-17 plane, this is way too xxxxx much work.

Why are they announcing it on twitter and not here (their main forum)? Normally they put up a bar on top of the forum page that announces server outages… Today just silence…

I’ve never had so many Installation and update problems in 40yrs of computing, typing code into a ■■■■ ZX80 to play cards was less hassle than the updates for this game.
Why can’t we have a stable version and an experimental verion at the same time, i only just got the last version running and now i’m going round in circles again.
I never thought i’d see anything as bad as games for windows live and the nonsense that brought, but they seem to have even outdone that.

Good question mate.

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got to say microsoft seems to be absolutely horrible at stuff like this. It seems like this happens every update wouldn’t you think that microsoft learns from their experience to make it better not worse. It just makes no sense at all.


Same here. Russia

maybe the forum is part of same ‘down’ problem?..

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