Sim Update 7 Live Weather regression - a broken mess

I agree, weather is real difficult to get accurate because the weather happens right now. The METAR is reports of the weather that happened meteoblue is simulation/prediction of the weather that maybe will happen.

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Yep exactly, it is indeed difficult. But what we have from yesterday’s update certainly seems to be broken.

What I think is clear will not work is METAR-only, because it doesn’t capture a lot of weather, as I said in the example of clouds above 5,000ft. But in the same respect Metoblue forecast model, well forecasts aren’t always accurate and we’ve seen that. A blend between the two does certainly seem the logical step forward. Right now though in the current state it’s in after SU7 it’s not usable for me.

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The other extremely frustrating thing, is that all that has been commented on by the devs is yesterday’s issue where live weather servers would not load at all. But nothing else has been said, so it leaves you thinking do they even accept that it’s broken, or is this exactly how they intended it?

I wish they could communicate a lot better with us, even just to keep us informed or let us know they hear us.


Yes the things that METAR reports is the most accurate but it does not capture all of it. Maybe that is what they want to blend. It feels logical to have the clouds over 5000ft injected by meteoblue. The thing is that we will notice when the weather changes from those METAR any way. because under 5000ft meteoblue may have clear sky and then if metar say overcast below 5000ft it will transfer from that when we are outside the injected radius from the METAR if you understand what i mean :slight_smile: It’s real hard to get right how they even choose to implement it.

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Anyone else have ground clouds everywhere again?


Yep, this way seems to make sense :slight_smile: and no doubt, it is no easy task.

Not flying myself but have just observed it on someone’s stream the same problem.

First thought it was because of the METAR system uses MSL instead of AGL but it happens near sea level too.

Yeah seems to happen over the sea as well I have just noticed this

I think they could start with options for us to have the METAR or not. Not everyone wants them implemented because of this issue until they manage to fix it. I am one of those that wants to turn it off until they fix it properly.


Yes same here, I think if the only option is to have it in the current state we see, I would rather not have it at all.

I think though, what we are seeing here is not what the devs intended, I do think there’s bugs at play here making it worse. Only time will tell I guess if they release any hotfix.

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I suspect that clouds from METARs are not only being rendered at AMSL rather than AGL but actually at AMSL -1640ft (-400m).

They lowered the minimum to that figure to allow low cloud at places like the Dead Sea and suspect that is playing a part.

Would explain why even 1500ft cloud bases in METARs at airports at sea level have cumuliform clouds on the deck.

Don’t get me started in the Weather UI “improvements”. I’m probably going to stop any development work on presets for now as it is exhausting


Yeah what you are saying sounds correct indeed!

Just hope we at least get some update on it from the devs this weekend. But as usual just feel left to one side.

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I don’t want to be too optimistic, but for me today, the live weather works “as before” - METAR data seem to be off. I’m flying now from Stockholm to Copenhagen, using live weather, and the sim says it has no METAR data for major airports in the area, whilst the weather is rendered by Meteoblue data only. So finally no clouds on the ground (or below the ground) and stable winds and temperatures. So maybe they are working on it and switched off METAR data blending for the time being. How I wish this was the case…

EDDH (Elev. 50 ft) 200950Z 25011KT 9999 BKN013 12/09 Q1021 BECMG BKN015

Broken looked more like the real thing before SU7, and as depicted in the webcam there’s multilayered, mostly broken to overcast coverage in reality. Cloud base was around 1300 ft however.

LOWS (Elev. 1404 ft) 200950Z 16006KT 9999 FEW015 SCT021 05/03 Q1027 NOSIG

As the clouds in Sim seem to lay on the ground whereas in reality they are at 1500 ft. AGL it seems to confirm the MSL/AGL bug.

ENSG (Elev. 1630 ft) 200950Z 24003KT 9999 FEW/// SCT030 BKN100 02/01 Q1005 RMK WIND 3806FT 28023K

Again, cloud base in sim was at or below airport level, so a potential confirmation of the MSL/AGL bug. Too much convection in comparison to real conditions (webcam is 17 km from airport) and no convincing depiction of the multilayered coverage.

These are only first impressions, but for my liking I see a regression in weather depiction with SU7. While there were discrepancies with the old weathersystem, it “felt” more accurate than what I’ve seen so far.
I fear we are going the “night lighting” road, where first adjustments demanded by the community also brought a huge regression and it took nearly a year until it finally seems on track.


Yes, for me too. The same! Creepy bug

This is my worry too

I was, indeed, too optimistic. Now there are areas with live weather (without METAR data, I need to underline, for me no METAR data were available within the live weather) and areas will CAVOK all the way. It´s just saddening.


simple there was hardly any testing, prob just fire it up, no ctd, ok all clear ( lol)


i agree, it is highly unlikely, just give it a good wait.
i still have good flights tho, but not wiht live weather.