Sim Update 7 Live Weather regression - a broken mess

Currently at time 23:15z I cannot get live weather function to work, selecting live weather no weather loads in-sim despite waiting 15+ minutes.

Tested at several locations and no live weather loads in.

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I second that. Same issue here.


I have submitted a zendesk report.

Same here . It seems to load after waiting somewhat but not working properly

Same here. Live weather not working

Let’s hope it’s due to server overload and is temporary.

It just started working

its all fine for me - but as i said in another thread - in one flight it popped in after 5 minutes.
I am going to blame the servers…from what weather i have seen its looking even more spectacular…loving the low mist and haze over cities…


it was working on dep airport, but I have clear skies on arrival airport (should be SCT015)

I am getting the correct winds, temps, and pressure, but clouds nowhere near according the metar, and only on the first flight, just like it used to be, have to reload the sim if want to do a second flight from the menu. How are these ancient bugs creeping back in…


Update from Community Manager SeedyL3205:

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4000ft visibility, rain, overcast… nice… now we have the correct winds and nothing else


Yeah same here, the live weather function loads some weather for me, but it’s not accurate weather at all

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Still seems to be an issue this morning, 19/11/2021 at 07:53z, sometimes for me it loads, but is not accurate at all and other times it doesn’t load.

Same with me

I got this reply:

"Thank you for your message. I’ve seen this morning that the team is aware of the issue.

The new weather system with METAR being merged with our Meteoblue system might be the reason. I will have more information today."

So seems they are aware of an issue.


for me neither the weather nor the time setting work correctly
The time can only be set in the menu of the globe, later when you are sitting in the plane you can no longer correct the time
The same with weather, in the menu of the globe you can still select everything but later when you sit in the plane nothing works, neither the preset weather scenarios nor the live weather, unreal weather or Rex Wetter Force functions, nothing, no weather loads


If neither live weather nor presets are working, please check, if you have “unreal weather live metar” in your addon folder. It’s not compatible with SU7 and must be deactivated!
I had this issue and after removing the addon and restarting, live weather was working.

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Just did an approach into EKRN, METAR data and winds were spot on . Had 53 kts in 2000 ft. and doubted it, but it is exactly as depicted on, and 24 kts on the ground were exactly as reported by METAR. But clouds were off as there was scattered clouds down to 1000 ft. where there should have been few with an overcast layer in 1800 ft. Looks like the weathermodel data outside the METAR area are screwed.

I am sitting at MMMX since I am testing a new scenery and blue sky. Suppose to be OVC at 2000 but now I see the sky getting cloudy and clouds filling the sky? So far 3/4 of the sky is clear the other 1/4 trying to be overcast? lol. Clouds move so fast that it is clear sky again…