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Based on Zendesk before the update it is recommended to remove the Community folder. It says just cut and paste the entire Community folder with all its contents to another location then run the update. The next step after the update is to run the sim and if no issues paste the original Community folder with all mods back to Packages folder (replace the new one). So I did that but when I pasted my Community folder back only few ORBX sceneries remains operational. Other folders like A320 FBW, freeware scenery etc. were empty. I had to reinstall pretty much everything back again. I am wondering if I missed anything.
I also use Addons Linker. Will that be an option instead of moving Community folder just disable all addons in the Addon Linker instead?
Thanks for looking.

Yes, when you use addon linker, make use of that… else don’t… the addon linker manages the \Community for you, the issue could be caused by addon linker not knowing files got moved.

Just disable the mods with Addon Linker and that’s it! A great piece of software!!


I’ve seen this complaint before and in fact that is the reason I prefer to manage \Community myself.

I move Community out on SU and WU updates. When putting it back, I move things one by one (27-7 !), or in certain groups, e.g. scenery, airports, fauna, aircraft and “others”. With each group I restart the sim to test it.

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I am using Addons Linker as well, and I just remove all links from the community folder with it before updating. Haven’t had issues until now.

Appreciate all replies. So I just leave everything in the Community folder then and just disable all links.
How about Navigraph and FSUIPC? I believe those types of addons cannot be added into Addons Linker. At least I tried but it did not work. DO I have to remove those two as well before the update?
Last thing. I do not always have a chance to follow up with update news and there are times new update catches me off guard. So if I started the sim and I see the message Mandatory Update required, will that be too late to disable addons? Or stim will close in any way and when it did then disable addons?

No need, they are not actually linked. Scenery is linked, aircraft… and e.g. Seasons. Make sure you remove them before updates… You also don’t have to remove e.g. LittleNavMap. It has no direct connection to the sim startup. You choose when to start them up.

These SimConnect tools… just hope they work after the update.

And if they don’t work… check for updates at the vendor website !! Check their forums, pose questions…

Every payware vendor should at least keep the product up to date. When it has to do with freeware community addins, like, just visit the place… when there is no update, and it does not work anymore… you’ve just bad luck. That is freeware. The hobby developer decides if the update takes place. When it has no update and it does not work anymore, just remove it.

Ok great. Thanks again.

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