Sim Update V ( Bug Megathread

I’m not going to spend any time looking for your Post.

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I did not believe that you would.

That is funny. No quotes or @xxxxxxx to identify who you are
replying to.

A quick workaround is to use two buttons. Extend and retract work (or keep the toggle for retract and map another button to extend spoilers)

it seems it limits very hard, though not as much?
(rural area, after 30min flight)
exe … CPU … RAM … network… GPU

it doesn’t stop…:
strange lines dented into the ground. around EDXF

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I’m not sure exactly what you are saying. Your 400Mbps internet service is only to determine if your ISP is delivering what you are paying for. It is not a measurement of internet speeds beyond your ISP. The download speed from Microsoft is highly dependent on probably a dozen different intermediate nodes that Microsoft or your ISP cannot control. And the Microsoft download speed is not an indication of MS server performance problems or congestion.

Attached photos were taken at about 22,000 ft. (LOD 100 and HIGH graphics settings).

Airport visible in the distance at about 1 mile away. (LOD 100 and HIGH graphics settings). No scenery popping evident.

What I am trying to show with the photos is that what works for me may not work for others and the broken things I find might not be broken for others. That’s all.

Wind Correction Angle

I think many users would think this is somewhat exaggerated. After all, you completed a fairly long flight in a high performance jet. I would agree that many problems still need to be fixed. But unusable?

IMHO no re-installing should be done unless there are hardware disk errors or disk failure. It probably won’t solve the root cause of whatever the problem is. And are re-installs error free all the time?

I agree the MS/Asobo communications are VERY poor. However, despite all the SU5 issues, some 3rd-party developers are stepping up to distribute any updates needed due to SU5. WT issued same day updates for their products and even added one to the MarketPlace. The WT CJ4 has been working fine with their latest update. Not sure why you are saying it doesn’t work. We should acknowledge the developers who are reacting quickly to SU5 publishing updates as needed

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I this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I get approach information from ATC for Chigago, and go to the flight computer to set runway 10L as destination to catch the glide slope, (Never done it by computer before, normally just use the heading bug to steer myself)

Anyway, as soon as I choose the runway my co-pilot files a new plan and the plane does a 360

The VFR map crashed after setting the runway as destination (frozen, can open and close but not manipulate, doesn’t move, doesn’t respond to any input nor resizing).
And in the second screenshot you can also see the air temperature is wrong and I had to fly 300ft higher to satisfy ATC.

Hmm, looking at it further, where is it sending me. Are those estimated arrival times? Where is ARTIST, where is GIBNS. My plane just keep flying, passing Rockford now. I hate automation lol.

Hopefully the ASOBO team is on it, and we’ll get a fix sooner than later. For me, my mouse is erratic and I can’t click menu buttons. The white dot is just, horrible. I would like to request a fix of the brightness, or please set the gamma back to SU4 settings. Great frame rates and really, it still looks amazing flying at low levels. I do enjoy it, and I know this is just a setback. The sim is evolving so, there’s bound to be a few bumps.

I5-9600kF, ASUS Z-390 MB,Geforce GTX1660, 16GB DDR4, 2TB SSD, Corsair H60 Water Cooler

Why should I? The person making the claim should spend the time to provide the source. I didn’t make the claim so I am not spending time looking for the information source. Sorry, neither a screenshot of max memory or Xbox specifications tells me NOTHING.

If the information source is not available and not posted, the claim should be removed immediately.

I had mine disappear seemingly in locations covered by LVFR’s Airport Regional Environment X Europe addon. Deleting this in Content Manager and rebooting brought the vehicles back. I could then reinstall the addon which worked.

It is really really sad that on final the PAPI lights are so out of focus that it’s very hard to even sometimes tell if they are white or red.


Purple water
Purple liveries for add on ones installed
Draw distance sucks
Pop ins everywhere on ultra graphics
Ultra / 200 slider graphics look like LOW graphics from pre SU5
TBM930 engines just stop working mid flight without pressing anything at all multiple times
Cant use ESC key to get out of options menu anymore
Game crashes 90% of the time when on new satellite imagery on world map
Freezes when unplugging controllers etc…
PS5 controller which i used to be able to easily use as showcase camera, no longer works as it never shows up as “wireless controller” anymore in controls… and is replaced by one that says “TrackIR” however i dont have a TrackIR installed or anything like that.

List is big for me. Frustrating, and im probably missing stuff.
Im shocked another fix hasnt been released already or any kind of “tweet” or message informing us that they are working to fix our issues.

I found a bug.

KLAX is showing as magenta colored on the mini moving map. Also magenta on the G1000/G3000 aircraft. It’s a towered airport lol.

Edit: I also have a bug where I’m at the correct altitude and ATC keeps telling me to climb. Even after I press B for correct altimeter setting.

-Graphics don’t stick (Settings do not stick since SU5 - Bugs & Issues / Install, Performance & Graphics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums)
-Toolbar doesn’t disappear until switching into different application tab
-Mouse cursor disappears after using keyboard in-sim
-Mouse cursor centers on top-left of screen after using keyboard or joystick in-sim
-LOD decreased massively (NOTE: all settings on ULTRA)

-Temperatures still inaccurate on LIVE weather (LIVE weather basically completely broken) which hugely affects aircraft performance.
-Managed altitude no longer works (A320neo)
-Even more pixelated clouds
-Fuel and payload no longer has the slider to control the overall weights of fuel and payload individually. Instead you now have to manually input the weights for each tank (fuel) and sectors of the aircraft (payload) FIXED: G1000 v0.4.0 caused a conflict for this. Delete this version and replace with the NXi. Bug has returned - unsure how
-UI no longer shows the keyboard inputs to “escape” for example. It will instead show something like “Joystick button 3”.
-Scenery pop-in
Will continue to add to this list as I remember and experience some more bugs. Apologies if I have duplicated any bugs already mentioned.
-The CUSTOMISATION tab no longer functions properly. Backspacing the registration that you have typed in previously clears the field, yet when you use any aircraft, the registration still appears on the aircraft. To properly clear the field, you now have to interact with the field with the mouse and then press F4 to clear it. No changes are saved on this tab.
-Cloud reflections extremely blurry
-Low GPU usage caused by live traffic


This looks cool. Check out the graphics. Anyone know where I can buy this? :rage: :-1:

this entry pattern is rather confusing :sweat_smile:

I tried to go for the other last minute ,but at least didn’t crash in the middle…I crashed on the other deciding to go for the other when it was probably already too late :joy:

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It’s a new bug, happens to me since SU5, it’s worse than the old ‘return to previous waypoint’ bug because once it happens ATC are involved so no fixing it. So IFR approaches are out.

Figures, just when I get into the ILS side of things. It still worked, with another loop…

Then ATC stopped talking to me when I directed the plane to Kansas and took off again. The new flightplan with ILS approach worked (without loops!) yet ATC was dead and the VFR map never recovered.

Dead VFR map and no options for ATC (manual tuning had no effect either)

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After crashing I pressed restart ,since there is no option to reload directly after you crash & even when “restarting” right after you crashed ,sometimes it restarts the game from crash position a few secs or sec before impact. Also had this with airbus reloading at sea level after crashing.A bit more proof to show that the save files do not compound all the data in reliable way at the point at which you saved your flight.Often after reloading ,you notice the flight is totally not in the same state at which you saved it.

Not sure if the voice switching is due to connection issues on my part,but I had these warnings pop up ;

& the voice completely changes indeed.First I thought it was a local accent at Seattle ,where the game failed to register my frequent flyer miles achievement. Maybe it has to do with what @SvenZ posted though ,that ATC is stopped/cut off for some reason
At first I was kind of excited hearing a different kind of voice,as I thought it was a first step towards implementing Use Azure to give ATC regional accents - #12 by N316TS