Sim vs Trailer problem

When you take a look at the"Africa" trailer and compare it to what we have in the simulator…
Am I missing something here?

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hey, thats Media. It´s like McDonalds - do you ever get a Burger, that looks like that on the shiny pictures over the counter?

…hmm may be they will improve it with the next world update…i don´t know.

Missing water mask. They are working on it. Their internal build version is not the same as their release version. At least we know those water masks are coming.

I agree they should not release those videos before actually pushing the build with water masks out to the public.
Edit: There is one thread comparing water masks in Oceania (the previous video they released). Same issues.

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Yes I know water masks are not fully implemented but when I saw the trailer I was under the impression that water masking was there at that exact location, just like in the trailer.
I made a 2hour flight especially to go there…
What a waste of time.
They really shouldn’t show things that are not already released without mentionning it.

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