SimAddons - Forest Fires

SimAddons, who does mostly Canadian Airports, has added a Forest Fire feature with 3 currently active fires.

He does mainly smaller airports that other developers don’t touch but he includes a TON of detail.

  • Seasons
  • VDGS
  • De-Ice
  • Operational Hangards
  • Wild Life

But has now added 3 active fires.

The quality of the airports isn’t at the top with the big players, but also isn’t at the bottom. Somewhere in the middle and better than stock. The newer ones keep getting better and better.

An ATR Livery to go with it.


Which airport is this ? I can’t figure on their web site where they has put fire. Tx

It’s not a specific airport.

Once you purchase one of their airports you get access to all the extras via the forum.

Ok thanks, so I’ll check in the forum

Be great if you can scoop up water and dump it on the fire?

Apparently there’s something included you can actually see a water hombre working the fire.

As for you doing it yourself. Guess you’d need another aircraft that is capable though it wouldn’t actually integrate with the fire.

The only option I know is the HPG H145 Action Pack. They have a scenario editor where you can place a fire anywhere you want and then you can pickup water and drop it onto the fire. It’s fun but limited to their helicopter. I’d love to do that with a fixed wing aircraft.

There was this file you could use to put fire where you wanted but the account is closed : NeoFly smokes for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

You can also install this and find in the SDK (Simobjects) smokes and fires that you can ajust (put them back on ground since they are made for chimney) to put fire where you want: We Love VFR - Region 1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

Well, there will be this now:

Quite excited about this one. It integrates with their mission editor where you can place fires everywhere.

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I know you meant water bomber, but “water hombre” is so much better. :slight_smile:


Shame it is not implemented, or at least visibility in the metar. Like rhodos (or other greek islands) are so sunny in the sim, while forest fire clouds block a lot of the sun and visibility isnt good