SimAir User Name

I hope this question ”lands” in the right location.

I just created an account in SimAir in preparation for Saturday’s Cannonball Run event. Was I supposed to use my assigned MSFS 20 assigned username when creating my SimAir acct? I didn’t and now thinking about it I wonder how would they know who I am? Do my user names have to match?

Also, when I started my practice run from KJFK to KLAX today that I created in LNM and look at my progress on the SimAir website, it doesn’t indicate indicate my destination like LNM does. Is this because my user names don’t match.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi I am unfamiliar with ‘SimAir’, could you provide a link to the website or application you are talking about.

Here’s the link .
It’s my understanding we have to track our Cannonball flights on Saturday with that app.


Okay, that is not an Microsoft platform. I suggest you reach out on the community Discord (Linked on the website home page) and see if they can provide you with further feedback.

Ok, thank you very much! Have a Great Holiday!

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